II. Epidemiology

  1. Prevalence: 5% of newborns

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Multiple nipples form in mammalian development
    1. Mammary glands form along bilateral mammary ridges on the ventral trunk wall
    2. These ridges course from mid-axilla to inguinal area
  2. These nipples usually recede in the human Embryo

IV. Signs

  1. Unilateral or bilateral extra areola and/or nipple

V. Differential diagnosis

  1. Congenital Melanocytic Nevi (when supernumerary areola present)

VI. Management

  1. Benign finding that does not require further evaluation or removal
  2. Previously thought to be associated with renal anomalies, but not supported in recent literature
    1. Meggyessy (1987) J Pediatr 111:412-3 [PubMed]

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Ontology: Accessory breast (C0266010)

Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019)
ICD10 Q83.1
SnomedCT 205604005, 205595005, 18166000, 127857003
Italian Mammella accessoria
Japanese 副乳房, フクニュウボウ
English POLYMASTIA, POLYTHELIA, FAMILIAL, supernumerary breast (diagnosis), accessory breast (diagnosis), supernumerary breast, accessory breast, Mamma accessoria, accessory breasts, ectopic breast, Ectopic breast (finding), Polymastia, Supernumerary breast, Breast in the wrong place, Ectopic breast, Polymazia, Accessory breast (disorder), breast; aberrant, breast; accessory, breast; supernumerary, extra; breast, aberrant; breast, accessory; breast, polymastia, Ectopic breast (body structure), Ectopic breast (morphologic abnormality), Accessory breast
Spanish mama ectópica (estructura corporal), mama ectópica, polimastia, seno accesorio (trastorno), seno accesorio, seno supernumerario, Mama accesoria, mama ectópica (anomalía morfológica)
German Akzessorische Mamma, Akzessorische Brust
Czech Přídatný prs
Korean 부유방
Hungarian Járulékos emlő
Dutch aberrant; mamma, accessoir; mamma, extra; mamma, mamma; aberrant, mamma; accessoir, mamma; extra, Accessoire mamma, accessoire borst
Portuguese Mama acessória
French Mamelle accessoire

Ontology: Accessory nipple (C0266011)

Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019)
MSH C562557
ICD10 Q83.3
SnomedCT 157016009, 205605006, 50956007
Italian Capezzolo soprannumerario
French Polythélie, Mamelon surnuméraire
Japanese 多乳頭, 多乳頭症, タニュウトウ, タニュウトウショウ
English Accessory nipples, ACCESSORY NIPPLES, Supernumerary nipples, NIPPLES, SUPERNUMERARY, Accessory nipple, accessory nipple, supernumerary nipple, supernumerary nipple (diagnosis), accessory nipple (diagnosis), breast appearance nipple polythelia, Nipple supernumerary, polythelia, polythelia (physical finding), nipple accessory, extra nipple, hyperthelia, nipple extra, nipples supernumerary, accessory nipples, extra nipples, Supernumerary nipples (polythelia), Accessory Nipples, Polythelia, Familial, Polymastia, Nipples, Supernumerary, Hyperthelia, Polythelia, Supernumerary nipple, Ectopic nipple, Extra nipple, Accessory nipple (disorder), extra; nipple, accessory; nipple, nipple; accessory, nipple; supernumerary, Nipples;supernumerary
German Akzessorische Brustwarze, akzessorische Brustwarze
Czech Nadpočetná bradavka
Korean 부유두
Hungarian Szám feletti mamilla, Mamilla szám feletti
Dutch accessoir; tepel, extra; tepel, tepel; accessoir, tepel; extra, Accessoire tepel, overtollige tepel
Spanish hipertelia, pezón accesorio (trastorno), pezón accesorio, pezón supernumerario, politelia, Pezón supernumerario
Portuguese Mamilo supranumerário