II. Definition

  1. Dilation of anorectal vessels below Dentate Line

III. Symptoms

  1. Anorectal itching, burning and pain
  2. Constipation often associated

IV. Signs

  1. Perform external exam and Anoscopy
  2. Perianal mass in fixed position
    1. Right Anterior
    2. Right Posterior
    3. Left Lateral
  3. Anorectal Skin Tags may also be present
  4. Observe for Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid

VI. References

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Ontology: External hemorrhoids (disorder) (C0265040)

Definition (NCI) A hemorrhoid which originates below the dentate line.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD10 K64.4
SnomedCT 23913003
Dutch uitwendige aambeien, uitwendige hemorroïden, hemorroïden; uitwendig, uitwendig; hemorroïden
French Hémorroïdes externes
German externe Haemorrhoiden
Italian Emorroidi esterne
Portuguese Hemorróidas externas
Spanish Hemorroides externas, Almorranas externas, hemorroides externas (trastorno), hemorroides externas
Japanese 外痔核, ガイジカク
English external hemorrhoids (diagnosis), external hemorrhoids, External hemorrhoids (disorder), External piles, external piles, hemorrhoids external, external hemorrhoid, External hemorrhoids, NOS, External haemorrhoid, External hemorrhoid, External haemorrhoids, External hemorrhoids, external; hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids; external, External Hemorrhoid
Czech Zevní hemoroidy
Hungarian Külső aranyér, Külső aranyeres csomók, Külső haemorrhoidok