II. Management: Diet

  1. Synchronize food with Insulin
  2. Eat consistently and adjust Insulin
    1. Simple protocol is to eat a set ammount of Carbohydrates at each meal
    2. Use a fixed Insulin dose for that consistently set Carbohydrate amount
  3. Better nutrition behaviors (per DCC Trial)
    1. Adhere to meal plan
    2. Appropriately treat Hypoglycemia (do not over-treat)
      1. Glucose tablet raises Blood Sugar in <10 minutes
      2. Orange Juice raises Blood Sugar in 10-20 minutes
    3. Respond promptly to Hyperglycemia with Insulin
    4. Snack consistently
      1. Take afternoon snack if taking NPH in morning

III. Management: Insulin - Conventional Insulin therapy

  1. See Insulin Dosing in Type 1 Diabetes
  2. Long-acting Insulin (Lantus) provides basal needs
  3. Short acting Insulin (Lispro) covers mealtimes

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