II. Management: Diet

  1. Synchronize food with Insulin
  2. Eat consistently and adjust Insulin
  3. Better nutrition behaviors (per DCC Trial)
    1. Adhere to meal plan
    2. Appropriately treat Hypoglycemia (do not over-treat)
      1. Glucose tablet raises Blood Sugar in <10 minutes
      2. Orange Juice raises Blood Sugar in 10-20 minutes
    3. Respond promptly to Hyperglycemia with Insulin
    4. Snack consistently
      1. Take afternoon snack if taking NPH in morning

III. Management: Insulin - Conventional Insulin therapy

  1. See Insulin Dosing in Type 1 Diabetes
  2. Long-acting Insulin (Lantus) provides basal needs
  3. Short acting Insulin (Lispro) covers mealtimes

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