II. Background

  1. Subtype of Diabetic Neuropathy
  2. Sudden onset large nerve involvement
  3. Associated with nerve infarction

III. Distribution: Common areas effected

  1. Wrist Drop (Radial Nerve)
  2. Loss of finger flexion and grip (Median Nerve)
  3. Foot Drop (deep peroneal nerve, L4-L5)
  4. Recurrent laryngeal nerve
  5. Cranial Nerve palsy (CN 3, CN 4, CN 6)
    1. Ophthalmoplegia, Ptosis, Diplopia yet PERRLA (CN 3)
    2. Affected eye slightly more elevated (CN 4)
    3. Affected eye deviated medially (CN 6)
    4. Bell's Palsy (CN 7)

IV. Course

  1. Often resolves spontaneously in 3-12 months

V. Associated Conditions: Mononeuropathy Multiplex (variant)

  1. Multiple nerves affected
  2. Consider Vasculitis as cause

VI. Differential Diagnosis

VII. Management

  1. See Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

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Ontology: Diabetic Mononeuropathy (C0271678)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D003929
ICD10 G59.0
SnomedCT 193263008, 81830002, 230577008
French Mononeuropathie diabétique
German Diabetische Mononeuropathie, diabetische Mononeuropathie
Korean 당뇨병성 단발 신경병증(4단위 숫자.4에 해당되는 E10-E14)
English Diabetic Mononeuropathies, Mononeuropathies, Diabetic, Mononeuropathy, Diabetic, Diabetic Mononeuropathy Simplex, Mononeuropathy Simplex, Diabetic, Simplex, Diabetic Mononeuropathy, Mononeuropathy Simplices, Diabetic, Simplices, Diabetic Mononeuropathy, Diabetic Mononeuropathy Simplices, Diabetic mononeuropathy simplex (diagnosis), diabetes mellitus diabetic mononeuropathy simplex, Diabetic mononeuropathy simplex, Diabetic mononeuropathy, Diabetic mononeuropathy (disorder), Diabetic mononeuropathy simplex (disorder), Diabetic Mononeuropathy
Spanish Mononeuropatía diabética, mononeuropatía diabética (trastorno), mononeuropatía diabética simple (trastorno), mononeuropatía diabética simple, mononeuropatía diabética
Portuguese Mononeuropatia diabética
Dutch diabetische mononeuropathie, Diabetische mononeuropathie
Italian Mononeuropatia diabetica
Czech Diabetická mononeuropatie, diabetická mononeuropatie
Japanese 糖尿病性単ニューロパチー, トウニョウビョウセイタンニューロパチー
Hungarian Diabeteses mononeuropathia
Norwegian Diabetisk mononevropati