II. Causes

  1. Poorly controlled Otitis Externa
  2. Abrasions or Lacerations
  3. High Ear Piercing (involving pinna cartilage)
    1. Usually within first month of piercing

IV. Symptoms and Signs

  1. Swollen warm, tender, erythematous auricle
  2. Pain on deflection of auricle
    1. Differentiates from superficial infection
  3. Ear lobule may also be infected
  4. Tympanic Membrane not involved

V. Management

  1. Broad antibiotic coverage
    1. Gram Positive Bacteria and Gram Negative Bacteria
    2. Fluoroquinolones cover this well
    3. Intravenous antibiotics may be needed
  2. Local antibiotic drops if canal is affected
  3. Surgical Debridement may be needed

VI. Complications

  1. Perichondrial abscess with poor cosmetic healing
  2. Necrosis

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