II. Epidemiology

  1. Patients under age 30 years
  2. Affects 3 to 5% of adults and teenagers
  3. Most common cause of Pediatric Proteinuria (especially in adolescent males)

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Idiopathic
  2. Protein excretion increased only while upright
  3. Protein excretion normalizes when supine

IV. Labs

  1. Split spot urine tests (with Urine Dipstick or Urine Protein to Creatinine Ratio)
    1. Normal Urine Protein on spot urine test of first morning void (after supine throughout the night)
    2. Increased Urine Protein after upright for at least 4-6 hours
      1. Urine Dipstick positive for Urine Protein OR
      2. Urine Protein to Creatinine Ratio >0.2
  2. Split 24 Hour Urine Protein collection
    1. Urine Protein decreases to <50 mg for 8 hours supine
  3. Urine Protein 24 Hour collection
    1. Less than 2000 mg Protein excretion per day
  4. Other urine and renal tests normal
    1. Renal Function tests (normal Creatinine Clearance, GFR)
    2. Urine microscopy normal (no Urine RBC or Urine WBC)

V. Differential Diagnosis

VI. Monitoring

  1. Blood Pressure yearly
  2. Urinalysis yearly

VII. Prognosis

  1. Benign condition with no longterm Renal Function affect

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Ontology: Orthostatic proteinuria (C0232867)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 593.6
ICD10 N39.2 , R80.2
SnomedCT 78719009, 155874000, 77872002, 32482005
English Orthostatic proteinuria, unspecified, benign postural proteinuria (diagnosis), orthostatic proteinuria, benign postural proteinuria, orthostatic proteinuria (diagnosis), Albuminuria;orthostatic, Albuminuria;postural, Proteinuria;orthostatic, Proteinuria;postural, Postural proteinuria (disorder), Benign postural proteinuria (disorder), Orthostatic proteinuria (disorder), Postural proteinuria, Orthostatic albuminuria, Orthostatic proteinuria, Postural albuminuria, Benign postural proteinuria, Orthostatic proteinuria (finding), Orthostatic albuminuria/proteinuria, orthostatic; albuminuria, orthostatic; proteinuria, postural; albuminuria, postural; proteinuria, albuminuria; orthostatic, albuminuria; postural, proteinuria; orthostatic, proteinuria; postural, postural proteinuria, orthostatic albuminuria, postural albuminuria
Italian Proteinuria ortostatica, Albuminuria ortostatica, Proteinuria posturale
Dutch orthostatische albuminurie, houdingsproteïnurie, Orthostatische proteànurie/albuminurie, albuminurie; houding, albuminurie; orthostatisch, houding; albuminurie, houding; proteïnurie, orthostatisch; albuminurie, orthostatisch; proteïnurie, proteïnurie; houdingsafhankelijk, proteïnurie; orthostatisch, Orthostatische proteïnurie, niet gespecificeerd, orthostatische proteïnurie
French Albuminurie orthostatique, Protéinurie posturale, Protéinurie orthostatique
German orthostatische Albuminurie, Orthostatische Proteinurie, nicht naeher bezeichnet, orthostatische Proteinurie
Portuguese Albuminúria ortostática, Proteinúria ortostática
Spanish Albuminuria ortostática, Proteinuria postural, proteinuria postural benigna, proteinuria postural (concepto no activo), proteinuria postural, albuminuria postural, proteinuria postural benigna (concepto no activo), albuminuria ortostática, proteinuria ortostática (hallazgo), proteinuria ortostática, Proteinuria ortostática
Japanese 起立性蛋白尿症, 起立性アルブミン尿症, 体位性蛋白尿, キリツセイアルブミンニョウショウ, キリツセイタンパクニョウショウ, タイイセイタンパクニョウ
Czech Ortostatická proteinurie, Ortostatická albuminurie, Posturální proteinurie
Korean 상세불명의 기립성 단백뇨증
Hungarian orthostatikus albuminuria, orthostatikus proteinuria, posturalis protinuria