II. Indications

  1. Foreign Body Aspiration with airway obstruction in infants

III. Management: Conscious Infant

  1. Deliver 5 Back Blows
    1. Place infant face down over hand and Forearm
      1. Support head and neck with one hand
      2. Trunk and body straddled over Forearm
      3. Head should be lower than body
    2. Deliver 5 forceful back blows (3-5 seconds)
      1. Apply between the Shoulder blades with heel of hand
  2. Deliver 5 Chest Thrusts
    1. Support head and place infant face up
      1. Sandwich infant between your hands
      2. Turn on back with head lower than trunk
        1. Head and neck supported with one hand
        2. Trunk and body straddled over Forearm
    2. Deliver 5 Chest thrusts (3-5 seconds)
      1. Apply with 2 fingers over midsternum
      2. Use similar technique as with Chest Compressions
  3. Repeat Back blows and Chest Thrusts Until:
    1. Foreign body is expelled
    2. Infant becomes unconscious

IV. Management: Unconscious Infant

  1. Perform 5 Back blows and 5 Chest Thrusts as above
  2. Check for foreign body
    1. Do NOT perform a blind finger sweep
    2. Remove foreign body ONLY if visualized
  3. Open airway and attempt to ventilate

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