II. Approach: Suprapublic View (Pelvis)

  1. See Suprapubic Ultrasound View
  2. Transducer positioning
    1. Placement: Low suprapubic region
    2. Axis
      1. Start with Long axis with indicator at 12:00
      2. Rotate to Short Axis with indicator at 9:00
    3. Direction
      1. Perpendicular to Pelvis - towards low Lumbar Spine
  3. Landmarks
    1. Bladder

III. Images

  1. Long Axis
    1. ultrasoundProbePositionLungFASTsupraPubicLong.jpg
    2. ultrasoundBMP_abdBladder_lax.jpg
  2. Short Axis
    1. ultrasoundProbePositionLungFASTsupraPubicShort.jpg
    2. ultrasoundBMP_abdBladder_sax.jpg

IV. Interpretation: Findings

  1. Bladder Distention
    1. Bladder Volume = Height x Width x Depth x 0.625
  2. Blood in Pelvis (Douglas Pouch)
    1. See Suprapubic Ultrasound View (See FAST Exam)
    2. Perform initially prior to Foley Catheter insertion (Bladder should be full to start)
    3. May be difficult to distinguish Bladder from blood in Pelvis
    4. Consider rescanning after urine drained with Foley Catheter

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