II. Definition

  1. Lymphedema onset at Puberty

III. Epidemiology

  1. Most common form of primary Lymphedema (80% of cases)
  2. More common in females by 3:1 ratio
  3. Onset around Puberty or in young adults

IV. Signs

  1. Lymphedema of feet and legs

V. References

  1. Sabiston (1997) Surgery, Saunders, p.1574-5
  2. Rockson (2001) Am J Med 110:288-95 [PubMed]

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Ontology: Lymphedema praecox (C0238261)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH C562467
ICD10 I89.0
SnomedCT 205544008, 234098006, 157017000, 195490004, 268355000, 77123007, 400040008
English Adolescent lymphedema, Adolescent lymphoedema, Meige's disease, LYMPHEDEMA, HEREDITARY, II, MEIGE LYMPHEDEMA, LYMPHEDEMA PRAECOX, LYMPHEDEMA, LATE-ONSET, MEIGE DISEASE, Praecox lymphedema, lymphedema praecox, lymphedema primary, primary lymphoedema, primary lymphedema, lymphoedema praecox, Lymphedema, Late-Onset, Lymphedema Praecox, Lymphedema, Hereditary, II, Meige Lymphedema, Meige Disease, Adolescent lymphoedema (disorder), Adolescent lymphedema (disorder), Lymphoedema praecox, Primary lymphedema, Primary lymphoedema, Lymphedema praecox (disorder), Meige lymphedema, Meige lymphoedema, lymphedema; precocious, praecox; lymphedema, precocious; lymphedema, Lymphedema praecox, Lymphedema, praecox
Dutch lymfoedeem precox, lymfoedeem; praecox, praecox; lymfoedeem
French Lymphoedème précoce, Lymphoedème praecox
German Lymphoedema praecox
Italian Linfedema precoce
Portuguese Linfedema precoce
Spanish Linfedema precoz, linfedema del adolescente (trastorno), linfedema del adolescente, linfedema precoz, linfedema praecox, linfoedema precoz (trastorno), linfoedema precoz
Japanese 早発リンパ浮腫, ソウハツリンパフシュ
Czech Lymphoedema praecox
Hungarian Lymphedema precox, Lymphoedema praecox