II. Preparation

  1. Call attention to body parts sequentially
    1. Patient relaxes each body part when prompted
  2. Variations of relaxation
    1. Tense and release Muscle groups
    2. Imagine warmth (descending into warm bath)
    3. "Letting go" or experiencing "deep calm"
  3. Feedback
    1. Suggest that the patient is doing well
    2. Patient moving into nice state of relaxation

III. Technique

  1. Take a deep breath and relax into the surface beneath you as you exhale
  2. As I guide you through this Progressive Relaxation process
    1. You can allow yourself to enter a state of Hypnosis
    2. That will help you achieve the therapeutic outcomes we discussed
  3. Begin by paying attention to your toes, tense and release them
    1. Enjoy how you can let them feel comfortable
  4. Move your attention to all of your foot
    1. The delicate bones, the skin, the Muscles, and let them all feel very good
  5. Take your time, you are doing well
    1. Let your imagination become even more absorbed in your doing something good for yourself.
    2. As you do so, you not only relax but move into a therapeutic state of Hypnosis.
  6. Let all your Muscles relax, relax them completely,
  7. Moving up from your feet to your legs
  8. Let the Muscles be loose and limp. Relax them all
  9. Now your thighs, and your hips. Let them relax.
  10. Your Stomach and abdominal Muscles, now can relax too.
    1. Let those Muscle relax.
  11. Your Shoulders, your arms, and your hands. Relax them.
  12. Now your neck. Let it relax. Do not mind if your head bows forward or to the side.
    1. It will be perfectly comfortable.
  13. Your facial Muscles can relax, and particularly the eye Muscles and the lids.
  14. Relax now, completely.
    1. Every Muscle in your body will relax, and
    2. As you become more relaxed you become even more absorbed in the experience of Hypnosis.

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