II. Preparation: Induction

  1. Personal preferences for likes and dislikes
    1. Music
    2. Travel
    3. Ask for permission if touch is to used
  2. Maximize patient comfort
    1. Check for contacts
    2. Bathroom break
  3. Put thoughts and questions in safe place for later

IV. Technique: Focused state of awareness

  1. Trance
    1. Trance is overemphasized and is not the main goal
    2. Some trance is needed, but not too deep
    3. Trance too deep clouds hypnotist's suggestion
  2. Hypnotic Role Playing (e.g. Cayman Island example)
    1. Use role playing to comfort patient
  3. Rapport and Transference
    1. Establish trust between hypnotist and patient

V. Technique: Induction characteristics

  1. Developed through language builds upon images
  2. Makes use of all senses
    1. See (water, vendors, sky, sand)
    2. Hear (rhythm of the words, music)
    3. Feel (Let body be balanced, let legs hang loose)
    4. Taste (taste juice from vendor)
    5. Smell (smell juice from vendor)
  3. Use imagination and not will
  4. Build on patient's non-verbal or physical changes
    1. Eye movement
    2. Smiles
    3. Breathing Rate

VI. Technique: Enhancing and deepening induction

  1. Enhancement techniques
    1. Pacing with breathing and environment
    2. Emphasize words
      1. Deep
      2. Relax
      3. Comfort
      4. Letting go
    3. Leading
      1. Counting from 10 down to 1
      2. Walking down steps
      3. Floating on a leaf
  2. Deepening techniques
    1. Ratifying the hypnotic process along way
      1. Ask what patient is experiencing
      2. Build on environmental sounds
      3. Patients modify what I say to be more satisfied
      4. Patient should notice that they are in control
        1. Can open eyes and move arms
        2. Having control lets you go deeper
    2. Ego strengthening and affirm relaxation
      1. Confidence and competence (good person)
      2. Comfort and joy
      3. Satisfaction and peace
      4. Serenity and tranquility
      5. Give self a hug

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