II. Indications

  1. Understand how client uses Hypnosis to guide management
  2. Assess Hypnotic Suggestibility
  3. Use in conjunction with history of prior dissociation
    1. Bulimia
    2. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    3. Multiple Personality Disorder
  4. Guide changes in thinking
    1. Work on recall for exam
  5. Guide changes in Perception
    1. Imagine clean air, good health after quitting Tobacco

III. Physiology: Phenomena

  1. Involuntary Movement (Raise Hand, Automatic writing)
    1. Convince patient they are in Hypnosis or trance
  2. Dual reality
    1. Example: Listen to lecture while drifting off
    2. Hypnotic dreaming uncovers unconscious thoughts
      1. Dissociative dreaming ("you're in Cayman islands")
  3. Time Distortion (e.g. waiting in operator queue)
    1. Age regression: Return to time of childhood
    2. Time expansion: Return to time of event
      1. The time your boss said no
      2. Pick apart the event piece by piece
    3. Time contraction: Review year education in 1 minute
    4. Age progression: Look to future ("when you grow up")
  4. Memory (Precaution: not a truth drug)
    1. Memory distortion or Controls
    2. Post-Hypnotic Suggestion
  5. Changed Perception (Mother kisses "owey")
    1. Make sweats taste or smell unpalatable
    2. Imagine Anesthesia or Analgesia

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