III. Technqiue: Self-Induction Technique Example

  1. Establish a Trigger (e.g. balloon)
  2. Patient flexes arms forward
  3. Patient then lets arms drop, resting lightly on knees
  4. Slowly raise one arm to mid-height raised by balloon
  5. Raise yourself to top of mountain
  6. Ski slowly down the mountain
  7. Ski into a "special place"
  8. Walk through "magic door" into training area
    1. Inside chalet by fire
    2. Through back door into a classroom
    3. Connect with students and teaching

IV. Technique: Suggestions for Hypnosis

  1. Make suggestions positive
  2. Suggestions should be relevant to current issues

V. Technique: Exiting Hypnosis

  1. Leave classroom
  2. Go back up the mountain

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