II. Epidemiology

  1. Similar to other Chronic Pain patients in general

III. Symptoms

  1. Major Depression
  2. Helpless and passive
  3. Vegetative Symptoms
    1. Insomnia
      1. Early awakening
      2. Inability to get back to sleep
    2. Diminished appetite
    3. Psychomotor retardation
    4. Withdrawn from Physical Activity
      1. Sports, housework, social, and sexual activity
  4. Emotional roles in family change
    1. Displaced from usual roles (e.g. child Discipline)
    2. Pain focused interactions
    3. Pain is a means of staying connected to family
  5. Preoccupied with pain and suffering

IV. Signs

  1. Pain is out of proportion to tissue damage

VI. Management

VII. Prognosis

  1. Little relief from conventional treatments

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