II. Expected Schedule

  1. Age 2 months: awakens twice per night
  2. Age 3 months: awakens once per night
  3. Age 4 months: 90% sleep for 8 hours uninterrupted

III. Techniques to get children to sleep (Age >4 months)

  1. Eliminate "Grazing" type feedings
    1. Lengthen time between daytime feedings to >4 hours
      1. Slowly increase interval between feedings
      2. Cuddle and use Pacifier instead of feeding
    2. Expect 4-5 feedings per day (5 for Breast-fed)
  2. Place baby in crib drowsy but awake
    1. See Trained Night Crier
  3. Avoid feeding baby in bed (separate meals and naps)
    1. Satisfy suck Sensation with Pacifier or thumb
    2. Foster attachment to a favorite stuffed animal
  4. Phase out night feeding (limit to 1 feeding after 10pm)
    1. For other awakenings, rock baby back to sleep
    2. Feed for <20 minutes
    3. Decrease the amount of night-time feedings

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