II. Description

  1. Developmental Screening test for age birth to 8 years old
  2. Ten question parental questionnaire

III. Advantages

  1. Available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, French, Arabic, Chinese, Tiawanese, Swahili, Somali, Indonesian, Portugese, Malaysian, Thai, Laotian
  2. Parents complete in 5 minutes (written at 4th to 5th grade level)
  3. Clinicians score in 2 minutes

IV. Background

  1. Developed in 1998 by Frances Page Glascoe, PhD
  2. Validated in 771 children from diverse backgrounds

V. Efficacy

VI. Resources and References

  1. Ellsworth and Vandermeer Press (Test Publisher)
    1. http://www.pedstest.com
  2. Developmental and Behavioral Screening
    1. http://www.dbpeds.org/articles/dbtesting

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