II. Landmarks

  1. Chest divided into 8 zones (4 per hemithorax)
  2. Horizontal lines
    1. Dividing line (center line)
      1. Below Nipple line
  3. Vertical lines
    1. Antero-Medial border
      1. Parasternal line
    2. Center line
      1. Anterior axillary line
    3. Posterior border
      1. Posterior axillary line

III. Technique

  1. Scan each of 8 zones at the intercostal spaces for B-Lines

IV. Interpretation: Pulmonary Edema

  1. Positive zone
    1. Three or more B-Lines identified in a zone (B+ lines)
  2. Positive Hemithorax
    1. Two of four zones positive in a hemithorax
  3. Positive scan
    1. Both hemithoraxes positive

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