II. Pathophysiology

  1. Straight lines are not normally found on Chest XRay

III. Interpretation: Vertical lines on Chest XRay

  1. Pneumothorax
  2. Artifact
  3. Skin fold
    1. Extend beyond rib margins
    2. Only one definable edge
    3. Fade gradually into tissue without abrupt termination

IV. Interpretation: Perfectly horizontal lines - Air-Fluid interface

  1. Lung
    1. Lung Abscess
      1. Does not extend to chest wall
      2. Same diameter on PA and lateral
    2. Cyst
  2. Pleural Space
    1. Hydropneumothorax
    2. Empyema
      1. Extends to thoracic limit
      2. Disproportionately lengthy in one projection

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