II. Causes: Carcinogens

  1. Aniline and homologs
  2. Arsenic (Pesticides)
  3. Asbestos
  4. Beryllium
  5. Silica
  6. Chromium
  7. Cadmium
  8. Coal tar pitch volatile substances
  9. Diesel exhaust fumes
  10. Dinitrotoluenes
  11. Benzene (gasoline)
  12. Ethylene oxide
  13. Ionizing radiation
  14. Nickel
  15. Silica crystals
  16. Tobacco smoke

III. Precautions

  1. New technologies frequently have undefined health risks that are only later identified
    1. Consult National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) precautions
    2. Use Personal Protective Equipment when risks are unknown
    3. Examples of new technologies with unknown risks
      1. Nanotechnology
      2. 3D Printing with metal powders

IV. Resources

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