II. Contraindications

III. History

  1. Not manufactured since early 1990s
  2. Returning to U.S. market in 2005

IV. Device

  1. Polyurethane foam
  2. Containe 1 gram Nonoxynol 9

V. Mechanism

  1. Over-the-counter barrier contraceptive
  2. Contains Spermicide (Nonoxynol-9)

VI. Protocol

  1. Woman inserts for <30 hours

VII. Efficacy

  1. Ideal use: 89-91% effective at preventing pregnancy
  2. Typical use: 84-87% effective at preventing pregnancy
  3. Comparable efficacy to Male Condom or diaphragm
  4. Efficacy may be reduced if history of prior pregnancy

VIII. Disadvantages

  1. Does not prevent Sexually Transmitted Disease

IX. References

  1. (2005) Prescriber's Letter, p. 35

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