II. Symptoms

  1. Facial pain or weakness in Muscles of Mastication with chewing foods
  2. Relieved with rest
  3. Referred pain (in atypical cases)
    1. Tooth Pain
    2. Sinus pain
    3. Ear Pain

III. Causes

IV. Precautions

  1. Jaw Claudication is highly specific for Temporal Arteritis
  2. Maintain a high level of suspicion in those with Polymylagia Rheumatica or symptoms suggestive of Temporal Arteritis

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Ontology: Claudication of jaw muscles (C0549415)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
Dutch claudicatio van kaakspieren
French Claudication des muscles de la mâchoire, CLAUDICATION MAXILLAIRE
German Claudicatio der Kiefermuskeln
Italian Claudicazione dei muscoli mandibolari
Portuguese Claudicação dos músculos mandibulares, CLAUDICACAO DOS MUSCULOS MAXILARE
Spanish Claudicación de los músculos mandibulares
Japanese 顎筋跛行, ガクキンハコウ
English CLAUDICATION OF JAW MUSCLES, Claudication of jaw muscles
Czech Klaudikace čelistních svalů
Hungarian Állkapocsizmok claudicatioja