II. Definition

  1. Ghost Tablet in stool
    1. Shell of extended release tablet often seen in the stool
  2. False appearance of passing an intact tablet in stool
    1. Some residual tablets may give the false impression of passing a completely non-absorbed tablet

III. Causes: Ghost Tablets

  1. Allegra D
  2. Concerta
  3. Exalgo
  4. Glucotrol XL
  5. Invega
  6. K-Tab
  7. Procardia XL
  8. Sudafed 24 Hour
  9. Urocit-K

IV. Causes: False appearance of passing intact tablet

V. Management

  1. Reassure patients that these are normal findings and that the tablets are truly being absorbed
  2. Absorption may be reduced following Bariatric Surgery, short bowel syndrome or rapid transit

VI. References

  1. (2013) Presc Lett 20(3): 17

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