II. Benefits: Breast Feeding is very advantageous in this group

  1. Lower infection risk before and after repair
  2. Strengthens facial Muscles and eases repair

III. Management: Suggestions

  1. Consider Palatal obturator plate
    1. Plastic dental appliance
    2. Covers cleft in Palate and improves suck
    3. Do not delay Breast Feeding waiting for plate
      1. Plate is optional
      2. Breast Feeding can occur without plate
  2. Prepare Breast prior to feeding (enhances let-down)
  3. Nurse upright if not using obturator
    1. Infant faces mother while sitting in her lap
    2. Legs straddle mother's body
  4. Asymmetric defect in lip or Palate
    1. Hold side with defect against Breast
  5. Hold as much Breast as possible in infant's mouth
    1. Optimizes mouth to Breast seal
    2. Mother leans slightly forward
    3. Stabilize infants chin/jaw with index and thumb
  6. Consider Breast Pump usage

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