II. Indications

  1. Contraception initiation

III. Labs

  1. Pregnancy Test
    1. Negative Pregnancy Test alone does not completely exclude pregnancy (if too early)

IV. Evaluation: Confirmation of nonpregnant state

  1. Criteria
    1. No signs or symptoms of pregnancy AND
    2. At least one of the following
      1. Normal Menses started within last 7 days
      2. No intercourse since start of last normal Menses
      3. Correctly and consistently using reliable Contraception
      4. Miscarriage or induced abortion in last 7 days
      5. Postpartum with delivery within last 4 weeks
      6. Breast Feeding for at least 85% of feeds, amenorrheic and <6 months postpartum
  2. Efficacy
    1. Negative Predictive Value: 99-100% for predicting nonpregnant state

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