II. Definitions

  1. Hypertelorism
    1. Excessive Orbital Separation (increased space between the eyes)
    2. Results from overdeveloped sphenoid lesser wings
  2. Hypotelorism
    1. Decreased oribtal separation (decreased space between the eyes)

III. Causes: Hypertelorism (increased spacing between the eyes) examples

  1. Apert syndrome
  2. Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome)
  3. Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome
  4. DiGeorge Syndrome
  5. Neurofibromatosis 1
  6. Noonan Syndrome
  7. Zellweger Syndrome
  8. Pierre Robin syndrome

IV. Causes: Hypotelorism (decreased spacing between the eyes) examples

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Ontology: Orbital separation excessive (C0020534)

Definition (MSH) Abnormal increase in the interorbital distance due to overdevelopment of the lesser wings of the sphenoid.
Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019)
MSH D006972
ICD9 376.41
ICD10 Q75.2
SnomedCT 22006008, 194021007
English Hypertelorism, Hypertelorisms, Orbital separation excessive, HYPERTELORISM, Ocular hypertelorism, hypertelorism of orbit, hypertelorism of orbit (diagnosis), hypertelorism, hypertelorism (physical finding), hypertelorism was observed, Hypertelorism [Disease/Finding], excessive orbital separation, ocular hypertelorism, Hypertelorism of orbit, Orbital hypertelorism, Eyes wide apart, Eyes widely set, Hypertelorism (disorder), Hypertelorism of orbit (disorder), Hypertelorism of Orbit
Italian Ipertelorismo orbitale, Ipertelorismo
Dutch hypertelorisme, hypertelorisme van de oogkas, Hypertelorisme
Japanese 両眼隔離症, リョウメカクリショウ, リョウガンカクリショウ
Swedish Hypertelorism
Czech hypertelorismus, Hypertelorismus orbity, Hypertelorismus
Finnish Hypertelorismi
Korean 두눈먼거리증
Polish Hiperteloryzm
Hungarian Orbita hypertelorismus, Hypertelorismus
Norwegian Hypertelorisme
Spanish hipertelorismo ocular (trastorno), hipertelorismo ocular, hipertelorismo orbitario (trastorno), hipertelorismo orbitario, Hipertelorismo orbitario, Hipertelorismo
Portuguese Hipertelorismo orbital, Hipertelorismo
French Hypertélorisme orbitaire, Hypertélorisme
German Hypertelorismus

Ontology: Orbital separation (C0424708)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 248390004
English Orbital separation, Orbital separation (finding)
Spanish separación orbitaria (hallazgo), separación orbitaria

Ontology: Orbital separation diminished (C0424711)

Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019)
SnomedCT 44593008
Italian Ipotelorismo dell'orbita, Ipotelorismo
Dutch hypotelorisme, hypotelorisme van oogkas
French Hypotélorisme, Hypotélorisme orbitaire
German Hypotelorismus, Orbitaler Hypotelorismus
Portuguese Hipotelorismo, Hipotelorismo da órbita
Spanish Hipotelorismo, disminución de la separación orbitaria (trastorno), disminución de la separación orbitaria, hipotelorismo ocular (trastorno), hipotelorismo ocular, hipotelorismo, Hipotelorismo orbitario
Japanese 両眼近接, リョウメキンセツ, リョウガンキンセツ
Czech Hypotelorismus orbity, Hypotelorismus
English Ocular hypotelorism, close set eyes, hypotelorism, Hypotelorism of orbit, Eyes close set, Eyes close together, Hypotelorism, Orbital separation diminished, Orbital separation diminished (disorder)
Hungarian Orbita hypotelorismus, Hypotelorismus