III. Technique

  1. Patient performs as many cycles of sitting and standing in 30 seconds as they are able
  2. Patient starts, seated in a chair
  3. Patient should stand up and sit down without touching the chair with their hands
  4. Examiner counts the number of cycles that are completed in 30 seconds

IV. Interpretation

  1. Patients unable to stand from chair without assistance or using their arms are scored a 0
  2. Number of cycles completed is compared to gender and age matched controls (see resources below)
    1. Men can typically perform 14-19 repetitions at age 60-64, decreasing to 7-12 at age 90-94
    2. Women can typically perform 12-17 repetitions at age 60-64, decreasing to 4-11 at age 90-94

V. Resources

  1. 30 Seconds Sit To Stand Test (Physiopedia)
    1. https://www.physio-pedia.com/30_Seconds_Sit_To_Stand_Test

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