II. Prevention Measures

  1. Identify high risk patients
    1. See Heat Illness Risk Factors
    2. See Medications Predisposing to Heat Illness
  2. Limit activity in very hot and humid environments
    1. See Heat Index
  3. Wear light clothing
  4. Hydration
    1. Fluid type
      1. Water: moderate intensity Exercise for under 1 hour
      2. Electrolyte drink: Exercise for over 1 hour
    2. Pre-Exercise: 12-20 ounces (15 min before Exercise)
    3. During Exercise: 8 ounces fluid every 15 minutes
  5. Heat acclimatization to exertion in a warm environment
    1. Usually requires 2 to 3 weeks
    2. May be as long as 2 to 3 months for some patients
  6. Measure weight before and after sports practice
    1. Define a weight at which participation disallowed
    2. Define a goal weight to allow participation

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