II. Prevention

  1. Encourage alternative behaviors
    1. Active and social activities
    2. Disallow electronic media usage during family meals
    3. Discourage electronic media usage immediately before bed (e.g. last hour before sleep)
    4. Remove electronic devices from the bedroom
  2. Screen Time (television, video games, computer) Guidelines
    1. Limit Screen Time to no more than 1-2 hours of high quality programming daily
    2. Screen Time averages 7.5 hours daily in the U.S.
    3. Over 4 hours of daily Screen Time is associated with Obesity
  3. Age related guidelines
    1. Age <18 months old
      1. Avoid electronic media
    2. Age 18 to 24 months
      1. Limit to high quality shows
    3. Young children
      1. One hour per day of high quality shows
      2. Watch the show with them to know what they are viewing
      3. Screen exposure >1 hour/day at age 1 year, has dose dependent development effect at age 2 and 4 months
        1. Takahashi (2023) JAMA Pediatr 177(10):1039-46 +PMID: 37603356 [PubMed]
  4. Other precautions
    1. Avoid violent or distracting content
    2. Turn off electronic devices including television when not being watched
    3. Avoid electronic media as a single primary calming measure
    4. Monitor a child's use of electronic media

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