II. Indication (Sinus CT preferred)

  1. Evaluation of Suspected Chronic Sinusitis
  2. Evaluation of Acute Sinusitis:
    1. Persistent symptoms despite adequate treatment
    2. High risk patients
      1. Diabetes Mellitus
      2. Immunosuppressive Drugs
    3. Suspected involvement in multiple Paranasal Sinuses

III. Contraindications (Relative)

  1. Ethmoid or Sphenoid Sinusitis
  2. Age under 3 years
    1. Undeveloped sinuses
    2. High False Positive opacification rate

IV. Views

  1. Maxillary: Waters' View (Occipitomental XRay)
    1. This alone is usually sufficient
  2. Frontal: Caldwell-Luc

V. Findings suggestive of Sinusitis

  1. Opacification (Only 36-66% sensitive)
  2. Air fluid levels
  3. Mucosa more than 8 mm thick (non-specific)

VI. Efficacy in Acute Sinusitis

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