II. Definition

  1. Loosening or detachment of nail from nail bed
  2. Nail plate separates at free edge

III. Signs

  1. Area of detachment appears as white discoloration
  2. Appears to be a "Spot of oil" under the nail

IV. Causes

  1. Local skin conditions
    1. Active Psoriasis
    2. Eczematous Dermatitis
    3. Lichen Planus
    4. Blistering skin diseases
    5. Periungual warts
    6. Onychomycosis
    7. Local Trauma
  2. Systemic disease
    1. Iron Deficiency Anemia
    2. Hyperthyroidism (Plummer's Nails)
    3. Connective Tissue Diseases
    4. Amyloidosis
    5. Sarcoidosis

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