II. Indications

  1. Evaluation of Child Abuse (under age 12 years)

III. Criteria

  1. For each question, answer with one of the following numbers on the Likert Scale
    1. Score 0: Never
    2. Score 1: Rarely
    3. Score 2: Sometimes
    4. Score 3: Fairly Often
    5. Score 4: Frequently
  2. During the last year, how often would you estimate that an immediate family member did the following to a child?
    1. Physically HURT them?
    2. INSULT or talk down to them?
    3. THREATEN them with physical harm?
    4. SCREAM or curse at them?
    5. Forced them to have SEX?

IV. Evaluation: Interpretation

  1. Any positive score should prompt additional evaluation
  2. Total Score >8.5 identified all cases of abuse perpetrators in one study

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