II. Mechanism

  1. Space between clavicle and first rib narrowed
    1. Prolonged downward and backward Shoulder pressure
    2. Example: Heavy backpack on Shoulders
  2. Worsened by abnormal clavicle
    1. Malunion or nonunion Clavicle Fracture

III. Symptoms

  1. Intermittent hand Thoracic Outlet Syndrome symptoms

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Ontology: Costoclavicular Syndrome (C0221009)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D013901
SnomedCT 40017005
English Costoclavicular Syndromes, Syndrome, Costoclavicular, Syndromes, Costoclavicular, costoclavicular syndrome (diagnosis), costoclavicular syndrome, Costoclavicular compression syndrome, Costoclavicular syndrome, Falconer-Weddell syndrome, Costoclavicular syndrome (disorder), costoclavicular; syndrome, syndrome; costoclavicular, Costoclavicular Syndrome
Dutch costoclaviculair syndroom, costoclaviculair; syndroom, syndroom; costoclaviculair, Costoclaviculair syndroom
German Kostoklavikularsyndrom, Kostoklavikuläres Syndrom
Italian Sindrome costoclavicolare, Sindrome costo-clavicolare
Portuguese Síndrome costoclavicular, Síndrome Costoclavicular
Spanish Síndrome costoclavicular, Síndrome Costoclavicular, síndrome costoclavicular (trastorno), síndrome costoclavicular, síndrome de Falconer - Weddell, síndrome de compresión costoclavicular
Japanese 肋鎖症候群, ロクサショウコウグン
French Syndrome du défilé costoclaviculaire, Syndrome costo-claviculaire, Syndrome costoclaviculaire, Syndrome de compression costo-claviculaire, Syndrome de compression costoclaviculaire, Syndrome du défilé costo-claviculaire
Czech Kostoklavikulární syndrom, kostoklavikulární syndrom
Hungarian Costoclavicularis syndroma
Norwegian Kostoklavikulært syndrom