II. Signs: Diffuse Corneal haze

  1. Findings
    1. Obscures pupil and iris markings
    2. Characteristic of Corneal edema
  2. Causes
    1. Glaucoma

III. Signs: Corneal Keratic Precipitates

  1. Findings: Cellular deposits on Corneal Endothelium
    1. Too small to be grossly visible
    2. May form large clumps occasionally
  2. Causes
    1. Iritis
    2. Chronic Iridocyclitis

IV. Cause: Localized Corneal opacities

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Ontology: Corneal Opacity (C0010038)

Definition (MSH) Disorder occurring in the central or peripheral area of the cornea. The usual degree of transparency becomes relatively opaque.
Definition (CSP) clouding that can occur in the transparent part of the coat of the eyeball or cornea, secondary to inflammation, infection or irritant exposure by a foreign body or chemical.
Concepts Finding (T033)
MSH D003318
ICD9 371.00
SnomedCT 155157003, 267732003, 193796009, 313390008, 267731005, 64634000, 413921009
English Leukoma, Leukomas, Opacity, Corneal, cornea opacity, CORNEAL OPACITY, Corneal Opacities, Opacities, Corneal, Corneal opacity, unspecified, Unspecified corneal opacity, Corneal Haze, Corneal opacities, corneal opacity, corneal opacity (physical finding), Corneal Opacity, Opacity corneal, Corneal opacity NOS, Corneal Opacity [Disease/Finding], corneal haze, corneal clouding, leukomas, Corneal clouding, corneal opacity (diagnosis), Unspecified corneal opacity (disorder), Corneal opacity/disorders NOS (disorder), Corneal opacity/disorders NOS, corneal opacity subepithelial haze, Corneal subepithelial haze (diagnosis), CORNEAL HAZE, Corneal opacity, Corneal opacity (disorder), leukoma, cornea; opacity, opacity; cornea, Corneal opacity, NOS, Corneal haze, Corneal subepithelial haze (disorder), Corneal subepithelial haze, corneal opacities
Italian Opacità corneale, Appannamento della cornea, Opacità corneale, non specificata, Leucoma corneale, Opacità della cornea
Dutch cornea-opaciteit, niet-gespecificeerd, opaciteit cornea, corneatroebeling, cornea; troebeling, troebeling; cornea, cornea-opaciteit, Corneatroebeling, Hoornvliestroebeling, Leucoma, Leukoom, Troebeling, cornea-
French Flou cornéen, Opacité cornéenne, non précisée, Opacification cornéenne, OPACITE CORNEENNE, Opacité de la cornée, Opacité cornéenne, Leucome
German Hornhauttruebung, unspezifisch, Truebung, Hornhaut, Hornhauttruebung, Hornhautverschleierung, HORNHAUTTRUEBUNG, Kornealopazitaet, Leukom, Hornhauttrübung, Korneatrübung
Portuguese Neblina corneal, Névoa da córnea, Opacidade da córnea NE, OPACIDADE CORNEA, Opacidade da córnea, Leucoma, Opacidade da Córnea
Spanish Opacidad corneal no especificada, Córnea opaca, Neblina corneal, CORNEA, OPACIDAD, opacidad corneal no especificada (trastorno), trastornos corneales/opacidad corneal, SAI (trastorno), opacidad corneal no especificada, trastornos corneales/opacidad corneal, SAI, opacidad corneal (trastorno), opacidad corneal, Opacidad corneal, opacidad corneal subepitelial (trastorno), opacidad corneal subepitelial, Leucoma, Opacidad de la Córnea
Japanese 角膜混濁、詳細不明, 角膜薄濁, カクマクコンダク, カクマクコンダクショウサイフメイ, カクマクハクダク, 角膜混濁, 角膜白斑
Swedish Hornhinnegrumling
Czech rohovka - zákal, Zkalení rohovky, Nespecifikované zkalení rohovky, Zákal rohovky, Rohovkový zákal, Opacita rohovky
Finnish Sarveiskalvosamentuma
Polish Zmętnienie rogówki
Hungarian Cornealis homály, Cornealis homály, nem meghatározott, Cornea homály
Norwegian Hornhinneugjennomsiktighet, Hornhinnefordunkling, Macula cornea, Opacitas corneae, Leucoma cornea, Hornhinneflekk, Korneaopasitet, Hornhinneopasitet