II. Causes: Vertigo

  1. Critical to distinguish peripheral from central cause
    1. See Vertigo
    2. See Peripheral Causes of Vertigo
    3. See Central Causes of Vertigo
  2. Common Primary Vestibular Problems (93% of Vertigo)
    1. Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
    2. Acute Vestibular Neuronitis
    3. Meniere's Disease
  3. Miscellaneous Causes
    1. Motion Sickness
    2. Vertigo Caused by Medication
    3. Vertigo Caused by Psychological Condition
      1. Provoked by stress (also seen in Migraine)
      2. Constant Vertigo for weeks
        1. Anxiety or Depression
        2. Brief spells are seen in Panic Attacks
        3. Persistent Vertigo also seen in Meniere's

III. Causes: Vertigo with motor weakness

  1. Facial weakness
    1. Acoustic Neuroma
    2. Herpes Zoster
  2. Other focal neurologic deficits
    1. Cerebellopontine angle tumor
    2. Cerebrovascular Disease
    3. Multiple Sclerosis

V. Differential Diagnosis

  1. See Dizziness
  2. Images
    1. DizzinessDDx.png

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