III. Background: Current technology

  1. 256 slice scanner
  2. 0.5 sec to complete Head CT (full body in <1 minute)
  3. 6-7 gigabytes/sec acquired
  4. 3D reconstruction
  5. CT angiography (brain, carotids, aorta, lung, coronary)
    1. CT Pulmonary agngiography
    2. CT Peripheral angiography
    3. CT Renal angiography
    4. CT Urology (stone, Hematuria, Renal Mass protocols)
    5. CT Sinus
    6. CT Brain perfusion
    7. CT Aortic aneurysm
    8. CT Cardiac Imaging
      1. Gated - synchronized to EKG
      2. Real time (4D) functional study
    9. CT Orthopedic Trauma

IV. Findings: Incidental

  1. CT Incidental findings are common
    1. Trauma series CTs demonstrated incidental findings in up to one third of cases in one study
    2. However, less than 10% of incidental findings were addressed in the patient discharge material
    3. Thompson (2011) Emerg Med Int 2011:624847 +PMID: 22046542 [PubMed]

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