III. Background: Current technology

  1. 256 slice scanner
  2. 0.5 sec to complete Head CT (full body in <1 minute)
  3. 6-7 gigabytes/sec acquired
  4. 3D reconstruction
  5. CT angiography (brain, carotids, aorta, lung, coronary)
    1. CT Pulmonary agngiography
    2. CT Peripheral angiography
    3. CT Renal angiography
    4. CT Urology (stone, Hematuria, Renal Mass protocols)
    5. CT Sinus
    6. CT Brain perfusion
    7. CT Aortic aneurysm
    8. CT Cardiac Imaging
      1. Gated - synchronized to EKG
      2. Real time (4D) functional study
    9. CT Orthopedic Trauma

IV. Findings: Incidental

  1. CT Incidental findings are common
    1. Trauma series CTs demonstrated incidental findings in up to one third of cases in one study
    2. However, less than 10% of incidental findings were addressed in the patient discharge material
    3. Thompson (2011) Emerg Med Int 2011:624847 +PMID: 22046542 [PubMed]

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Ontology: X-Ray Computed Tomography (C0040405)

Definition (HL7V3.0) <p>Computed axial tomography</p>
Definition (MEDLINEPLUS)

Computed tomography (CT) is a type of imaging. It uses special x-ray equipment to make cross-sectional pictures of your body.

Doctors use CT scans to look for

  • Broken bones
  • Cancers
  • Blood clots
  • Signs of heart disease
  • Internal bleeding

During a CT scan, you lie still on a table. The table slowly passes through the center of a large X-ray machine. The test is painless. During some tests you receive a contrast dye, which makes parts of your body show up better in the image.

NIH: National Cancer Institute

Definition (NCI) A method of examining structures within the body by scanning them with X rays and using a computer to construct a series of cross-sectional scans along a single axis.
Definition (NCI_CDISC) A series of detailed pictures of areas inside the body; the pictures are created by a computer linked to an x-ray machine.
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) A series of detailed pictures of areas inside the body; the pictures are created by a computer linked to an x-ray machine.
Definition (MSH) Tomography using x-ray transmission and a computer algorithm to reconstruct the image.
Definition (CSP) radiography in which a three dimensional image of a body structure is constructed by computer from a series of plane cross sectional images made along an axis.
Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060)
MSH D014057
SnomedCT 169073002, 146281001, 146293005, 77477000
CPT 76497
HL7 CT, 0002
LNC LP6207-7
English CAT Scan, X Ray, CAT Scan, X-Ray, CAT Scans, X-Ray, Computed Tomography, Xray, Computed X-Ray Tomography, Computerized Tomography, X Ray, Computerized Tomography, X-Ray, CT X Ray, CT X Rays, Scan, X-Ray CAT, Scans, X-Ray CAT, Tomodensitometry, Tomographies, Computed X-Ray, Tomography, Computed X-Ray, Tomography, X Ray Computed, Tomography, X-Ray Computed, Tomography, Xray Computed, X Ray Tomography, Computed, X Ray, CT, X Rays, CT, X-Ray CAT Scan, X-Ray CAT Scans, X-Ray Computed Tomography, X-Ray Computerized Tomography, X-Ray Tomography, Computed, Xray Computed Tomography, computed axial tomography, CAT - Comp axial tomography, CAT scan - NOS, Computerized Tomography, Computerized axial tomography scan - NOS (procedure), CAT, CT XRAY, CT scan, EMI scan, computer assisted tomography, computed x-ray tomography, computerized tomography, computerized tomography (procedure), CT (computerized tomography), Tomography, Transmission Computed, X Ray Computerized Tomography, X Ray Computer Assisted Tomography, X-Ray CT Scans, Tomography, X Ray Computerized, Scans, X-Ray CT, Transmission Computed Tomography, Computed Tomography, X-Ray, Tomography, X Ray Computer Assisted, Tomography, X-Ray Computerized, Tomography, X-Ray Computer Assisted, Computed Tomography, X Ray, CT Scans, X-Ray, X-Ray CT Scan, Computed X Ray Tomography, CT Scan, X Ray, Scan, X-Ray CT, Computed Tomography, Transmission, X-Ray Computer Assisted Tomography, TOMOGRAPHY TRANSM COMPUTED, CT Scan, X-Ray, Computer-assisted transaxial tomography, Computerised axial tomogram, Computerised transverse axial tomogram, Computerised transverse axial tomography, Computerised tomogram, CTT, CTT scan, computed tomography, computed tomography (procedure), c a t scan, scan cat, tomodensitometry, cat scans, computing tomography, assisted computer tomography, CT scans, ctt scan, x-ray computed tomography, cat scanning, computerised tomography, ctt, emi scan, scan ct, cats scan, ct scanning, c.a.t. scan, cat procedure scan, cat scan procedure, catting, computed tomography x rays, Computed tomography procedure, CAT Scans, CT Scans, Computerized axial tomography scan - NOS, Computed tomography scan - NOS, Computed tomography (procedure), CAT scan - NOS (procedure), Computed tomography scan - NOS (procedure), Computerised axial tomography scan - NOS, tomography, CT, CT SCAN, computerized axial tomography, Computerized axial tomogram, Computerized transverse axial tomogram, Computerized transverse axial tomography, Computerized tomogram, Computerized transaxial tomography, CAT scan, CAT - Computerised axial tomography, CAT - Computerized axial tomography, CT - Computerised tomography, CT - Computerized tomography, Computed axial tomography, Computerised axial tomography, Computerised tomograph scan, Computerised tomography, Computerized axial tomography, Computerized tomograph scan, Computerized tomography, Computerised transaxial tomography, Computerized axial tomography (procedure), tomography, computed, Computerized axial tomography, NOS, Computerized transaxial tomography without IV contrast, Computerized tomography without IV contrast, CT scan without IV contrast, CAT scan, NOS, Computerized transaxial tomography, NOS, CAT Scan, Computed Tomography, Computerized Axial Tomography, Computed tomography, C.A.T. scan NOS
Italian Tomografia computerizzata, Tomografia assiale computerizzata, Tomografia assiale trasversa computerizzata, Tomografia assiale computerizzata trasversale, Scansione TAC, Scansione TTC, Scansione TC, Scansione immunoenzimatica multipla, TAC, TAC a raggi X, TC a raggi X, Tomodensitometria, Tomografia computerizzata a raggi X
Dutch computertomogram dwars, CT scan, CTT, computertomografie dwars, computertomografie, EMI scan, CAT scan, CTT scan, computergestuurde transaxiale tomografie, CT, CAT, computertomogram, CAT-scanning, CT-scanning, Tomodensitometrie, CAT-scan, röntgenologische, Computertomografie, röntgenologische, Tomografie, computer-, röntgenologische
French Examen TDM, Tomographie axiale transverse couplée avec ordinateur, Tomodensitométrie axiale transverse, TDM, Tomodensitogramme, Tomodensitogramme axial transverse, Tomographie transaxiale couplée avec ordinateur, TAT, EMI-SCAN, Tomodensitogramme axial, Examen TAT, Tomodensitométrie axiale, Tomographie assistée par ordinateur, TDM (TomoDensitométrie), CT scan, Scanographie, CAT scan, Scanner, Tomographie à rayons X assistée par ordinateur, Tomodensitométrie
German computerisiertes transaxiales Tomogramm, EMI-Scan, computerisierte Tomographie, computerisierte transaxiale Tomographie, CT, computerisiertes axiales Tomogramm, CTT, CAT-Scan, computerisierte axiale Tomographie, CT-Scan, CTT-Scan, CAT, computerunterstuetzte transaxiale Tomographie, computerisiertes Tomogramm, Computertomographie, Tomodensitometrie, CAT-Scan, Röntgen-, Computergestützte Röntgentomographie, Röntgentomographie, computergestützte
Portuguese Tomograma axial computorizado, TAC, Tomografia axial computorizada, Tomografia axial transversa computorizada, Tomograma axial transverso computorizado, Tomograma computorizado, TAC por Raios X, Tomografia Computadorizada por Transmissão, TC por Raios X, Tomografia por Raios X Computadorizada, Cine-TC, Tomografia de Feixe de Elétrons, Tomografia Axial Computadorizada por Raios X, Tomografia Computadorizada por Transmissão de Raios X, Tomografia computorizada, Tomodensitometria, Tomografia Computadorizada por Raios X
Spanish Tomograma computorizado, Tomografía axial computarizada, Tomografía axial transversa computarizada, Escaner, Gammagrafía electromagnética, Tomografía computarizada, Tomografía axial computadorizada, Tomografía axial transversa computadorizada, Tomografía transaxial digital, TC - SAI, tomografía computarizada - SAI, tomografía computarizada - SAI (procedimiento), TAC por Rayos X, Tomografía por Transmisión Computarizada, TC por Rayos X, tomografía axial computarizada - SAI (procedimiento), tomografía axial computarizada - SAI, CAT scan - NOS, TAC - SAI, Cine-TC, Tomografía Computarizada por Transmisión de Rayos X, Tomografía por Haz Electrónnico, TAC, tomografía axial computarizada (procedimiento), tomografía axial computarizada, tomografía computada, tomografía transaxial computarizada, Tomografía computadorizada, Tomodensitometría, Tomografía Computada por Rayos X, Tomografía Computarizada por Rayos X
Japanese CT, コンピュータ断層撮影, コンピュータ横断断層撮影, CTTスキャン, EMIスキャン, CTスキャン, CAT, CATスキャン, CTTスキャン, CT, CATスキャン, CTスキャン, コンピュータオウダンダンソウサツエイ, EMIスキャン, コンピュータダンソウサツエイ, CAT, X線コンピュータ断層撮影法, 断層デンシトメトリ, CT-X線, CTスキャン, 断層撮影-透過コンピュータ, X線CATスキャン, X線断層撮影法-計算機, 透過コンピュータ断層撮影法-X線, X線断層撮影-コンピュータ, 断層撮影-X線コンピュータ, X線計算機断層撮影法, X線コンピュータ断層撮影, 断層デンシトメトリー, コンピュータ断層撮影-X線, シネCT, 断層撮影-レ線コンピュータ, CATスキャン-X線, X線CT
Swedish Datortomografi
Czech tomografie rentgenová počítačová, CT, CT scan, Počítačový axiální tomogram, Počítačová axiální tomografie, Transverzální CT, Počítačová tomografie, Počítačová transaxiální tomografie, Počítačová transverzální axiální tomografie, CT sken, EMI sken, Počítačový transverzální axiální tomogram, Transverzální CT sken, Počítačový tomogram
Finnish Tietokonekerroskuvaus
Polish Tomodensytometria, Tomografia rentgenowska komputerowa, Tomografia transmisyjna komputerowa, Komputerowa tomografia osiowa
Hungarian Computeres axiális tomographia, Computeres axiális transzverz tomográfia, Computeres axiális tomogram, CT vizsgálat, CT, Axiális computeres tomogram, Axiális computeres tomographia, Computeres axiális transzverz tomogram, Computeres tomogram, CT scan, Computer vezérelt transaxialis tomographia, Computeres tomographia, Computeres axiális transzverz tomographia, EMI scan
Norwegian Computertomografi, CT-røntgen, CT, CT-skanning