II. Equipment

  1. Potty-Chair
  2. Snacks or Treats as positive reinforcement (optional)

III. Indications

  1. Start after 18 months when child exhibits readiness (see Toilet Training)

IV. Technique

  1. Step 1: Introduce potty-chair, make comfortable, and help child associate it with toilet
    1. Ask child to sit on the potty-chair when fully clothed
    2. Child can sit on potty-chair when parent is using the toilet
    3. Potty-chair can be used anywhere (e.g. outside, bedroom)
    4. Talk or read a story to child while they are sitting on the potty-chair
  2. Step 2: Sit without diaper on potty-chair (after 1 to 2 weeks at Step 1)
    1. Child need only sit and does not need to use potty-chair
    2. When child soils diaper, empty contents into potty chair (explain this is where it goes)
    3. Begin to take child to potty-chair 2-3 times daily
  3. Step 3: Practice using the potty-chair
    1. Remove diaper for short periods of time and keep potty-chair in close proximity
    2. Encourage independent use of the potty chair
    3. Gently remind child to use potty chair
  4. Step 4: Training pants
    1. Teach child to take off and put-on training pants

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