II. Definition

  1. Urinary Frequency
    1. Urination more often than usual
    2. Sense of Bladder fullness despite the Bladder not being full (Bladder irritation)
    3. Causes include increased urine formation, decreased Bladder capacity and lower urinary tract irritation

IV. References

  1. Coe in Wilson (1991) Harrison's Internal Medicine, 12th ed, McGraw Hill, p. 275

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Ontology: Increased frequency of micturition (C0042023)

Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder characterized by urination at short intervals.
Definition (NCI) Urination at short intervals; it may result from increased urine formation, decreased bladder capacity, or lower urinary tract irritation.
Concepts Finding (T033)
ICD9 788.41
ICD10 R35.0
SnomedCT 162116003, 267063008, 139391008, 207175005, 139393006, 162114000, 249290008, 31462008, 162117007, 270525008, 300471006
English Increased frequency of micturition, Frequency urinary, MICTURITION FREQUENCY, Frequency of micturit.NOS, Frequency of micturition or polyuria NOS, Increased frequency of urinatn, Micturition frequency NOS, Urination Frequency, [D]Frequency of micturit.NOS, [D]Frequency of micturition or polyuria NOS, Frequent urination, Frequency of micturition [D], Obs of freq of urination, Increased frequen micturition, pollakiuria (diagnosis), pollakiuria, urinary frequency (symptom), urinary frequency increased, urinary frequency, increase in urinary frequency, increase in urinary frequency (symptom), Increased urinary frequency, Micturition frequency, Urination frequency of, Mictruition frequent, frequency increased urination, increased frequency urination, pollakisuria, Frequency;micturition, Frequent;urination, frequency urinary, urination frequency, frequency urination, frequency of urination, frequent urination, Micturition frequency increased, Urinary frequency, Periodicity of micturition (finding), Micturition frequency NOS (finding), Urinary frequency (finding), URINARY FREQUENCY, Increased Frequency of Urination, FREQUENCY, URINARY, Pollakisuria, Pollakiuria, Frequency of urination, Frequency of micturition, Increased frequency of urination, Passes water too often, FOM - Frequency of micturition, Observation of frequency of urination, Periodicity of micturition, Finding of frequency of urination (finding), Finding of frequency of urination, Increased frequency of urination (finding), frequency; micturition, frequency; urination, micturition; frequency, urination; frequency, Urinary frequency (finding) [Ambiguous], Urinary Frequency, frequent micturition
French POLYURIE, Fréquence urinaire, Micturition fréquente, Fréquence urinaire augmentée, Fréquence d'urination, Fréquence de miction, Fréquence de micturition, POLLAKIURIE, Fréquence de la miction augmentée, Pollakiurie
Italian Pollachiuria, Frequenza della minzione, Frequenza della minzione aumentata, Minzione frequente, Frequenza di minzione aumentata
Dutch verhoogde frequentie mictie, verhoogde frequentie urinelozingen, verhoogde frequentie urineren, mictie frequent, frequente mictie, toegenomen urinefrequentie, mictie frequentie, mictiefrequentie verhoogd, frequent; mictie, frequent; urineren, mictie; frequent, urineren; frequent, pollakisurie
German Haeufigkeit der Miktion, Wasserlassen Haeufigkeit, erhoehte Haeufigkeit des Wasserlassens, Haeufigkeit des Wasserlassens, Miktion haeufig, Wasserlassen haeufig, POLLAKISURIE, WASSERLASSEN HAEUFIG, Mikturitionshaeufigkeit erhoeht, Pollakisurie
Spanish Micciones frecuentes, Orina frecuente, Micciónes frecuente, Aumento del número de micciones, Frecuencia urinaria, hallazgo relativo a la frecuencia de la micción, MICCIONES FRECUENTES, POLAQUIURIA, frecuencia de la micción - hallazgo, frecuencia aumentada de micción, frecuencia de micción aumentada, frecuencia de micción aumentada (hallazgo), frecuencia aumentada de micción (hallazgo), frecuencia de micción, mayor frecuencia de micción, polaquiuria, frecuencia urinaria aumentada, frecuencia de micción (hallazgo), frecuencia miccional, SAI (hallazgo), frecuencia miccional, SAI, polaquiuria (hallazgo), frecuencia miccional aumentada, polaquiuria (concepto no activo), poliaquiuria, Polaquiuria, hallazgo relativo a la frecuencia de la micción (hallazgo), hallazgo relacionado con la frecuencia de la micción (hallazgo), hallazgo relacionado con la frecuencia de la micción
Japanese 排尿頻回, 頻尿, ハイニョウヒンカイ, ヒンニョウ, ハイニョウカイスウゾウカ, 排尿回数増加
Portuguese FREQUENCIA URINARIA, POLAQUIURIA, Frequência de micção aumentada, Polaquiúria
Czech Časté močení, Zvýšená frekvence močení, Polakisurie
Hungarian pollakiuria, Vizeletürítési frekvencia, vizeletürítés gyakoribb, Emelkedett vizelési frekvencia, Gyakori vizeletürítés, gyakori vizelet, gyakori vizelés, Gyakori vizelés, Vizelési gyakoriság megnövekedett