Why Clear Data on the Website?

  • Typeahead (search autocomplete) and the search page download and store a full website page list in your browser.
  • The Search page and Typeahead/Autocomplete use the same file, and "cache" this file (stored for later repeat access by the browser).
  • "Cached" files do not need to be re-downloaded for a period of time (e.g. days).
    • Typeahead/Autocomplete further uses this file to save more information in a browser storage area known as local storage.
    • Storing the file in a cache and its contents in local storage allows for faster search response times.
  • However, when these files change on the server, the changes will not be reflected in your browser until the files are re-downloaded.
    • In most cases, outdated files will just not include the most recent new pages.
    • In some cases, however, outdated files may break the search or Typeahead/Autocomplete, ( as when the Fpnotebook web server moved to a new host).
    • In these cases, you may need to clear the browser cache and local storage
    • This page offers two options to force a reload of search data:
      • An automatic solution (at the touch of a button)
      • Manual instructions on how to refresh the browser cache and how to clear local storage.
    • Instructions are only described here for Google Chrome (which is the same for MS Edge), but all other browsers have similar ways to perform the same tasks.

The Button to Clear this Website's Data...

Refresh the browser cache (Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge)

If the button (above) fails, then you may manually refresh the browser cache

  • Press F12 for "developers tools"
  • Refresh the browser cache (Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge)
    • Right click the refresh button on the tool bar to the left of URL window
    • Choose "Empty Cache and Hard Reload"

Refresh the cache

Clear Site Data including Local Storage (Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge)

If the button (above) fails, then you may manually perform the clearing of local storage (in addition to the cache as above)

  • Within the developer's tool window, click the Application Tab > Storage
  • Click "Clear Site Data" Button

Clear Site Data Image


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