II. Epidemiology

  1. Hand less commonly affected in Osteoarthritis
  2. Hand most disabling of joints to be involved

III. Signs

  1. Most common site
    1. Trapeziometacarpal joint (base of thumb)
  2. Heberden's Nodes
    1. Distal interphalangeal joint (ITP) nodular swelling
  3. Bouchard's Nodes
    1. Proximal interphalangeal joint (PIP) nodular swelling
  4. Mucous cysts may develop at interphalangeal joints
  5. First Metacarpal-phalangeal joint (MCP) involvement
    1. Other MCP joints are generally spared
  6. Wrist spared
    1. Contrast with Rheumatoid Arthritis

IV. Diagnostic Criteria (American College Rheumatology)

  1. Hand pain, aching or stiffness and
  2. Two DIP or PIP joints with hard tissue enlargement and
  3. Less than 3 swollen MCP joints
  4. One of the following
    1. Two DIP joints with hard tissue enlargement or
    2. Deformity of two DIP, PIP, or MCP joints
  5. Altman (1990) Arthritis Rheum 33:1601-10 [PubMed]

V. Radiology

VI. Management

  1. NSAIDs
  2. Intermittent Splinting
  3. Moist heat
  4. Local Corticosteroid Injection
  5. Contrast Baths
  6. Surgery for resistant cases
    1. Arthroplasty
    2. Arthrodesis

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Related Studies

Ontology: Heberden's node (C0018862)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 371598009, 86376005, 201821005
English Heberden's nodes, HEBERDEN NODES, Heberden's nodes (physical finding), painless nodule on distal interphalangeal (DIP) joint, Heberden's nodes (painless nodules DIP), Heberden's nodes were seen, Heberden node, heberden nodes, Heberdens nodes, heberden's node, heberden node, heberden's nodes, heberdens node, Heberden's node (disorder), Heberdens' nodes, Heberden's node, Heberden's node (finding), Heberden; node, node; Heberden, Heberden's Node, Tuberculum Arthriticum, heberdens nodes
Dutch Heberden-knobbels, Heberden; nodus, nodus; Heberden
French Nodosités d'Heberden
German Heberden-Knoten
Italian Noduli di Heberden
Portuguese Nódulos de Heberden
Spanish Nódulos de Heberden, nódulo de Heberden (trastorno), nódulo de Heberden (hallazgo), nódulo de Heberden
Japanese ヘバーデン結節, ヘバーデンケッセツ
Czech Heberdenovy uzly
Hungarian Heberden-csomók

Ontology: Osteoarthritis of the hand (C0263746)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 22193007, 287011007, 267896009, 201891001, 156491002
English Osteoarthritis NOS, of the hand, Osteoarthritis NOS-hand, Osteoarthritis of the hand, osteoarthrosis of hand, osteoarthritis of hand, osteoarthritis of hand (diagnosis), osteoarthrosis of hand (diagnosis), Osteoarthrosis of hand, hands osteoarthritis, hand osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis hand, Osteoarthritis - hand joint (disorder), Osteoarthritis NOS, of the hand (disorder), Degenerative joint disease of hand, Osteoarthritis - hand joint, Degenerative joint disease of hand (disorder), Hand osteoarthritis
Dutch osteoartritis hand
French Ostéoarthrite des mains
German Osteoarthritis der Hand
Italian Osteoartrite della mano
Portuguese Osteartrite da mão
Spanish Artrosis de mano, artrosis de mano, enfermedad articular degenerativa de mano, osteoartrosis de articulación de mano, enfermedad articular degenerativa de mano (trastorno), artrosis de la mano, artrosis de la mano (trastorno), osteoartritis - articulación de la mano, artrosis - articulación de la mano, artrosis - articulación de la mano (trastorno), artrosis, SAI, de la mano (trastorno), artrosis, SAI, de la mano, osteoartritis - articulación de la mano (trastorno)
Czech Osteoartritida ruky
Japanese 変形性手関節症, ヘンケイセイテカンセツショウ, ヘンケイセイシュカンセツショウ
Hungarian Kéz arthrosis

Ontology: Bouchard's node (C0263780)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 20243008, 201821005
English Bouchard's nodes, painless nodules on PIP, Bouchard's nodes (physical finding), painless nodules on proximal interphalangeal joint (PIP), Bouchard's nodes were seen, Bouchard node, bouchard's node, bouchard's nodes, Bouchards' nodes, Bouchard's node, Bouchard's node (disorder), Bouchard; node, node; Bouchard
Dutch Bouchard-noduli, Bouchard; nodus, nodus; Bouchard
French Noeuds de Bouchard
German Bouchard-Arthrose
Italian Noduli di Bouchard
Portuguese Nódulos de Bouchard
Spanish Nódulos de Bouchard, nódulos de Bouchard, nódulos de Bouchard (trastorno), nódulo de Bouchard (trastorno), nódulo de Bouchard
Japanese ブシャール結節, ブシャールケッセツ
Czech Bouchardovy uzly
Hungarian Bouchard-csomók