II. Definition

  1. Clumsy child with normal intelligence, no focal deficit

III. Signs

  1. General
    1. Difficulty with sports participation
  2. Difficult gross motor skills
    1. See Gross Motor Milestones
    2. Clumsy walking or Running
    3. Difficulty climbing or jumping
  3. Difficult fine motor skills
    1. See Fine Motor Milestones
    2. Difficult buttoning, zipping or tying
    3. Difficulty holding crayon or pen
    4. Difficulty with crafts
    5. Poor handwriting
  4. Commonly abnormal findings on exam
    1. Abnormal Rapid Alternating Movements
    2. Abnormal balance
      1. Unable to stand 15 seconds feet together, arms out
      2. Unable to tandem stand 15 seconds with eyes closed
    3. Unable to hop in place alternating feet
  5. Red flag findings suggestive of alternative diagnosis
    1. Motor weakness
    2. Ataxia
    3. Hypotonia or hypertonia

IV. Diagnosis (DSM IV Criteria)

  1. Gross Motor Milestones or Fine Motor Milestones not met
  2. Interferes significantly with academics or daily living
  3. Not due to other medical condition
    1. Cerebral Palsy
    2. Hemiplegia
    3. Muscular Dystrophy
    4. Pervasive Developmental Disorder

VI. Prognosis

  1. Coordination Disorder persists into adulthood

VII. Management

  1. Encourage supportive environment
  2. Encourage motor appropriate sports participation
    1. Try activity with chance of success (e.g. swimming)
  3. Tailor academic activities to motor abilities
  4. Occupational Therapy

VIII. References

  1. Silver in Tasman (1997) Psychiatry, p. 638-9
  2. Hamilton (2002) Am Fam Physician 66(8):1435-40 [PubMed]

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Ontology: Developmental Coordination Disorder (C0011757)

Definition (NCI) A disorder characterized by an impairment in the development of an individual's motor coordination skills; this impairment in motor development is not due to a medical condition.
Concepts Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction (T048)
MSH D019957
ICD9 315.4
ICD10 F82
SnomedCT 192578006, 27544004
DSM4 315.4
English Coordination Disorder, Developmental, Developmental Coordination Disorders, DEVELOPMENTAL COORDINATION DIS, developmental coordination disorder (diagnosis), developmental coordination disorder, Developmental coordination disorder NOS, Devel coordination dis, Developmental Dyspraxia, [X]Developmental dyspraxia, Developmental dyspraxia, [X]Developmental co - ordination disorder, Developmental coordination disorder, Developmental coordination disorder (disorder), coordination; developmental disorder, developmental disorder; coordination, developmental; dyspraxia, dyspraxia; developmental, Developmental Coordination Disorder
Italian Disturbo della coordinazione evolutiva, Disturbo dello sviluppo della coordinazione NAS, Disturbi dello sviluppo della coordinazione
Dutch ontwikkelingstoornis van coördinatie NAO, coördinatie; ontwikkelingsstoornis, dyspraxie; ontwikkeling, ontwikkeling; dyspraxie, ontwikkelingsstoornis; coördinatie, coördinatiestoornis, Coördinatieontwikkelingsstoornis
French Trouble de l'acquisition de la coordination SAI, Trouble de l'acquisition de la coordination, Trouble spécifique du développement moteur
German Koordinationsentwicklungsstoerung NNB, Entwicklungsbedingte Koordinationsstörungen, Koordinationsentwicklungsstoerung
Portuguese Perturbação da coordenação por desenvolvimento NE, Transtorno do Desenvolvimento da Coordenação, Perturbação da aquisição da coordenação
Spanish Trastorno del desarrollo de la coordinación NEOM, Trastorno del Desarrollo de la Coordinación, dispraxia del desarrollo, trastorno del desarrollo de la coordinación (trastorno), trastorno del desarrollo de la coordinación, Trastorno del desarrollo de la coordinación
Japanese 協調運動発達障害, 協調運動発達障害NOS, キョウチョウウンドウハッタツショウガイ, キョウチョウウンドウハッタツショウガイNOS
Czech vývojová porucha koordinace, Porucha vývojové koordinace, Porucha vývojové koordinace NOS, centrální koordinační porucha
Hungarian Coordinatio fejlődésének zavara k.m.n., Coordinatio fejlődésének zavara
Norwegian Utviklingsmessig koordinasjonsforstyrrelse

Ontology: Clumsiness - motor delay (C0520947)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD10 F82
SnomedCT 307653008, 154956001, 192578006, 192146008, 57187006
Italian Sindrome del bambino maldestro
Japanese 不器用な子症候群, ブキヨウナコショウコウグン
English Clumsiness -motor delay, child clumsy syndromes, clumsy child syndrome, clumsy child, Motor delay, Clumsiness, motor delay, Clumsiness - motor delay (disorder), Clumsiness - motor delay, Clumsiness -motor delay (disorder), [X]Clumsy child syndrome, Clumsy child syndrome, Clumsy child, Clumsiness - motor retardation, Clumsy child (finding)
Czech Dětská dyspraxie
Hungarian Ügyetlen gyermek syndroma
Spanish niño torpe (hallazgo), niño torpe, síndrome del niño torpe, torpeza - retraso motriz (trastorno), torpeza - retraso motriz, Síndrome del niño torpe
Portuguese Síndrome da criança desajeitada
Dutch onhandig kind-syndroom
French Syndrome de l'enfant maladroit
German Clumsy Child Syndrom