II. Signs

  1. Volar or dorsal angulation

III. Management: Reduction

  1. Anesthesia: Digital Block or Hematoma Block
  2. Reduce by traction and manipulation of finger

IV. Management: Post-Reduction of Fracture

  1. Immobilization after successful reduction
    1. Dorsal aluminum splint in extension for 6 weeks, then
    2. Buddy taping for an additional 6 weeks
  2. Post-Reduction Assessment
    1. Evaluate for even subtle rotation
    2. Methods
      1. Repeat finger XRay
      2. Flexed fingers should all point toward Scaphoid or radial styloid (thenar eminence)
        1. OrthoHandPositionFistToScaphoid.jpg
  3. Orthopedic referral indications
    1. Joint surface involved >30%
    2. Inadequate Fracture reduction (e.g. rotation)
    3. Intraarticular Fracture

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