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Ontology: Lesion of brain (C0221505)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 301766008
English Brain lesion, brain lesion, brain lesions, cerebral lesions, cerebral lesion, Lesion of brain, Lesion of brain (finding), brain; lesion, lesion; brain, Brain Lesions, Cerebral Lesions
Spanish Lesión cerebral, lesión encefálica (hallazgo), lesión encefálica
French Lésion cérébrale
Dutch hersenlaesie, hersenen; lesie, lesie; hersenen
German Hirnlaesion
Portuguese Lesão cerebral
Japanese ノウビョウヘン, 脳病変
Czech Mozková léze
Italian Lesione al cervello
Hungarian Agyi laesio