II. Preparations: Long-Acting Reversible Contraception

  1. Contraceptive Implants (Etonogestrel Progesterone Implants)
    1. Nexplanon
    2. Other devices no longer available in U.S.
      1. Implanon (replaced by Nexplanon in 2012; Nexplanon utilizes an easier inserter)
      2. Norplant (1993-2002 in U.S., 6 rod Levonorgestrel system)
  2. Intrauterine Devices (IUD)
    1. See Intrauterine Device
    2. Copper T-380A IUD (Paragard, ten year IUD)
    3. Progesterone IUDs (Levonorgestrel)
      1. Mirena (5 year Progesterone IUD)
      2. Kyleena (5 year Progesterone IUD)
      3. Liletta (4 year Progesterone IUD, was 3 years prior to 2017 FDA decision)
      4. Skyla (3 year Progesterone IUD)

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