II. Causes

  1. Isolated Sixth Nerve Palsy
  2. Brainstem Syndromes
    1. Raymond's Syndrome
      1. Includes CN 6 Palsy
      2. Contralateral Hemiparesis
    2. Millard-Gubler syndrome
      1. Includes CN 6 Palsy
      2. Ipsilateral CN 7 Palsy
      3. Contralateral Hemiparesis
    3. Foville's Syndrome
      1. Includes CN 6 Palsy
      2. Conjugate Gaze Palsy
      3. Ipsilateral Horner Syndrome
      4. Ipsilateral CN 5, CN 7, CN 8 palsies
  3. Subarachnoid space syndrome
    1. Hydrocephalus (Increased Intracranial Pressure)
    2. Hemorrhage, infection, inflammation and cancer within subarachnoid space may also injury CN 6
  4. Petrous apex syndrome
    1. Gradenigo Syndrome
      1. Includes CN 6 Palsy
      2. Ipsilateral Hearing Loss (CN 8)
      3. Ipsilateral facial pain (CN 5)
      4. Ipsilateral facial palsy (CN 7)
    2. Acoustic Neuroma
    3. Cerebellopontine angle meningioma
  5. Cavernous Sinus Syndrome
    1. Nasopharyngeal Cancer
    2. Internal Carotid Artery aneurysm (within Cavernous Sinus)
    3. Carotid-Cavernous fistula
    4. Tolosa-Hunt syndrome (Cavernous Sinus inflammation)
    5. Cavernous Sinus Meningioma
  6. Orbital Syndrome
    1. Includes Proptosis
  7. Miscellaneous
    1. Botulism (bilateral involvement)
    2. Wernicke's Encephalopathy (Conjugate Gaze Palsy)

III. Differential Diagnosis

  1. Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia
  2. Graves Disease (Exophthalmos)
  3. Myasthenia Gravis
  4. Duane's Syndrome
  5. Prior orbital blowout Fracture
  6. Near reflex spasm

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Ontology: Abducens Nerve Injury (C0161407)

Definition (MSH) Traumatic injury to the abducens, or sixth, cranial nerve. Injury to this nerve results in lateral rectus muscle weakness or paralysis. The nerve may be damaged by closed or penetrating CRANIOCEREBRAL TRAUMA or by facial trauma involving the orbit.
Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
MSH D020222
ICD9 951.3
ICD10 S04.4
SnomedCT 1852004, 157636006, 304840002
English Injury to abducens nerve, Injury of abducent nerve, INJ SIXTH CRANIAL NERVE, SIXTH CRANIAL NERVE INJ, INJ CRANIAL NERVE VI, CRANIAL NERVE VI INJ, ABDUCENS NERVE INJ, Injury of abducens nerve, abducens nerve injury, traumatic abducens nerve injury, abducens nerve injury (diagnosis), traumatic abducens nerve injury (diagnosis), VIth nerve injury, Abducens Nerve Injuries, Abducens Nerve Injury, Injuries, Abducens Nerve, Injury, Abducens Nerve, Nerve Injuries, Abducens, Nerve Injury, Abducens, Abducens Nerve Trauma, Abducens Nerve Traumas, Nerve Trauma, Abducens, Nerve Traumas, Abducens, Trauma, Abducens Nerve, Traumas, Abducens Nerve, Abducens Neuropathies, Traumatic, Abducens Neuropathy, Traumatic, Traumatic Abducens Neuropathies, Traumatic Abducens Neuropathy, Injury, Sixth Cranial Nerve, Sixth Cranial Nerve Injury, Cranial Nerve VI Injury, Injury, Cranial Nerve VI, Sixth Nerve Palsy, Traumatic, Sixth-Nerve Palsies, Traumatic, Sixth-Nerve Palsy, Traumatic, Traumatic Sixth Nerve Palsy, Traumatic Sixth-Nerve Palsies, Traumatic Sixth-Nerve Palsy, Sixth Nerve Trauma, Sixth-Nerve Trauma, Sixth-Nerve Traumas, Trauma, Sixth-Nerve, Traumas, Sixth-Nerve, Injury abducens nerve, Abducens Nerve Injury [Disease/Finding], Sixth Cranial Nerve Injuries, Injury to abducent nerve (disorder), Abducens nerve injury, Abducens (6th) nerve injury, Injury to abducent nerve, Sixth cranial nerve injury, Abducent nerve injury, Traumatic injury of abducens nerve (disorder), Traumatic injury of abducens nerve, Traumatic injury of sixth cranial nerve, injury; abducent nerve, n.abducens; injury, Injury of sixth cranial nerve, Injury to sixth cranial nerve
Italian Traumatismo del VI nervo cranico, Traumatismo del nervo abducente, Paralisi traumatica del VI nervo, Trauma del VI nervo, Lesione del VI nervo cranico, Lesione del sesto nervo cranico, Trauma del nervo abducente, Lesione del nervo abducente
Dutch nervus abducens-letsel, nervus abducens letsel, letsel; nervus abducens, n.abducens; letsel, Letsel van nervus abducens, VIde zenuwletsel, Abducensneuropathie, traumatische, Letsel, nervus-abducens-, Nervus-abducensletsel, Zesdehersenzenuwtrauma
French Lésion du nerf abducteur, Lésion du nerf moteur oculaire externe, Blessure du nerf abducens, Lésion du nerf moteur oculaire externe (VIème), Lésion traumatique de la 6ème paire crânienne, Lésion traumatique de la VIème paire crânienne, Lésion traumatique de la sixième paire crânienne, Lésion traumatique du nerf abducens, Lésion traumatique du nerf moteur oculaire externe, Traumatisme de la 6ème paire crânienne, Traumatisme de la VIème paire crânienne, Traumatisme de la sixième paire crânienne, Traumatisme du nerf abducens
German Verletzung des Nervus abducens, Verletzung des VI. Hirnnervs, Verletzung des N. abducens, Traumatische Neuropathie des N. abducens, Traumatische Lähmung des sechsten Hirnnervs
Portuguese Lesão traumática do nervo oculomotor externo, Paralisia do Sexto Par Craniano Traumática, Paralisia do VI Par Craniano Traumática, Lesão traumática do VI nervo, Neuropatia do Nervo Abducente Traumática, Paralisia do Sexto Nervo Craniano Traumática, Traumatismo do Nervo Abducente
Spanish Lesión traumática del nervio motor ocular externo, lesión traumática del nervio motor ocular externo, lesión traumática de nervio motor ocular externo, lesión traumática de nervio motor ocular externo (trastorno), lesión traumática del nervio motor ocular externo (trastorno), Parálisis Traumática del VI Par Craneal, Parálisis Traumática del Sexto Par Craneal, injuria del nervio motor ocular externo, injuria del sexto par craneal, lesión traumática del sexto par craneal, Lesión traumática del VI par craneal, Neuropatía Abducente Traumática, Parálisis Traumática del Sexto Nervio, Traumatismo del Nervio Abducente
Japanese 第6神経損傷, 外転神経の損傷, ガイテンシンケイノソンショウ, ダイ6シンケイソンショウ, 外転神経損傷, 外傷性外転神経障害, 外傷性第6神経障害, 外傷性第6神経麻痺, 外傷性第VI神経障害, 外傷性第VI神経麻痺, 外傷性第六神経障害, 外傷性第六神経麻痺, 外転神経障害-外傷性, 第6神経障害-外傷性, 第6神経麻痺-外傷性, 第VI神経障害-外傷性, 第VI神経麻痺-外傷性, 第六神経障害-外傷性, 第六神経麻痺-外傷性
Swedish Abducensnervskada
Czech nervus abducens - poranění, nervus abducens - neuropatie traumatická, VI. hlavový nerv - paréza traumatická, Poranění VI. nervu, Poranění nervus abducens
Finnish Loitontajahermon vamma
Korean 가돌림신경의 손상
Polish Uraz nerwu odwodzącego, Uszkodzenie nerwu odwodzącego
Hungarian Nervus abducens-sérülés, VI. agyidegsérülés
Norwegian Traume mot abducensnerve, Abducensnerveskade, Abducensnevropati etter traume, Skade på abducensnerven, Traumatisk abducensnevropati, Skade på 6. hjernenerve, Skade på nervus abducens