II. Epidemiology

  1. Broad range of positive cases in United States
    1. Identified in deer and elk in 1967
    2. Identified in deer and elk in 1980's
    3. Identified in Mt Horeb area: 14 per 500 deer
  2. Associated with captive elk on game farm (NE, MO, SD)
    1. Passed to free deer via salt licks, baiting

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Primary hosts (U.S.)
    1. White-tailed deer
    2. Mule deer
    3. Elk
    4. Moose
  2. Transmission
    1. Could theoretically be passed to cattle
    2. Possible transmission to humans from exposure to neurologic tissue (butchering) or contaminated meat ingestion

IV. Signs: Deer and Elk

  1. Muscle wasting
  2. Ataxia
  3. Difficulty SwallowingSaliva
  4. Confusion
  5. Seizures

V. Labs: Analysis of animal source

  1. Tonsil biopsy for Prion Protein
  2. CSF Protein analysis

VI. Prevention

  1. Close deer and elk game farms in endemic areas
  2. Avoid deer and elk meat intake in endemic areas
  3. Do not dress deer in the field
  4. Know how meat is butchered
    1. Does butcher prepare deer or elk and beef?

VII. References

  1. Proctor (2003) UW-Madison New Therapeutics, Cable, WI

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Ontology: Wasting Disease, Chronic (C1135993)

Definition (MSH) A transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (prion disease) of DEER and elk characterized by chronic weight loss leading to death. It is thought to spread by direct contact between animals or through environmental contamination with the prion protein (PRIONS).
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D034081
SnomedCT 333291000009101
Swedish Tärande sjukdom, kronisk
Czech syndrom chronického chřadnutí, nemoc chronického chřadnutí
Finnish Krooninen näivetyssairaus
Japanese シカ慢性消耗性症候群
English Wasting Disease, Chronic [Disease/Finding], chronic wasting disease, Chronic wasting disease (disorder), CWD, Chronic wasting disease, Chronic Wasting Disease, Wasting Disease, Chronic
Polish Choroba wyniszczająca przewlekła, Przewlekła choroba wyniszczająca
Norwegian Overførbar spongiform encefalopati hos hjortedyr, CWD
French Cachexie chronique, Maladie débilitante chronique, Maladie du dépérissement chronique, CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease), Cachexie chronique des cerfs et des wapitis, MDC (Maladie Débilitante Chronique), Maladie du dépérissement chronique des cervidés, Maladie débilitante chronique des cervidés, Syndrome de dégénérescence chronique des cervidés
German Chronic Wasting Disease, Wasting Disease, Chronic
Italian Chronic Wasting Disease
Dutch Chronic wasting disease, Wasting disease, chronic
Portuguese Doença Crônica de Emaciação, Doença de Emaciação Crônica
Spanish Enfermedad Crónica Debilitante, Enfermedad Debilitante Crónica