II. Indications

III. Approach

  1. Perform for 2 hours more more total per week (divided over multiple days)
  2. Perform under supervision (who can assist to prevent falls)
  3. Start with easier positions and gradually advance
  4. Hold each Exercise for at least 5-10 seconds and repeat at least once
  5. Start on level ground

IV. Protocol: Flat Surface Exercises

  1. Side-by-side stance
  2. Semi-tandem standing
  3. Tandem standing
  4. Single leg standing
  5. Standing on heels
  6. Standing on toes

V. Protocol: Uneven Surface Exercises

  1. Step up and step down without support of hands (i.e. no railing use)
  2. Forward walking and backward walking
  3. Sideways walking
  4. Change directions while walking

VI. Protocol: Complex Task Exercises

  1. Avoid obstacles while walking
  2. Pick up objects on floor while walking
  3. Carry objects (variable size and weight) while walking
  4. Perform head turning while reaching in different directions
  5. Converse with someone else while walking
  6. Perform simple math calculations while walking

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