II. Epidemiology

  1. Rare

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Secondary Granulomatous inflammatory reaction to chronic genitourinary infection in Immunocompromised patients
  2. Associated with chronic infections (e.g. E. coli and other Gram Negatives)
  3. Infections may involve the Kidney and Retroperitoneum, Bladder, Prostate, ureter, Kidney, and female genital tract

IV. Labs

  1. Hallmark finding is foamy histiocytes with Basophilic inclusions (Michaelis-Gutmann bodies)

V. Management

  1. Treated with antibiotics and surgical excision, correction of Immunosuppression
  2. Antibiotic management with Ciprofloxacin or trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole
  3. Concurrent management with bethanechol chloride which improves antibiotic efficacy

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Ontology: Malacoplakia (C0024525)

Definition (NCI) An inflammatory reaction characterized by the presence of papules or nodules usually in the genitourinary tract. It is usually a reaction to an infection. Morphologically, it consists of foamy histiocytes and characteristic basophilic inclusion bodies called Michaelis-Gutmann bodies.
Definition (MSH) The formation of soft patches on the mucous membrane of a hollow organ, such as the urogenital tract or digestive tract.
Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
MSH D008287
SnomedCT 264545007, 50707001
English Malacoplakia, Malacoplakias, Malakaplakia, Malakoplakia (qualifier value), Malakaplakia (qualifier value), Malakoplakia, Malakoplakias, Malacoplakia [Disease/Finding], malacoplakia, malakoplakia, Malakoplakia (morphologic abnormality), Malacoplakia, NOS, Malakoplakia, NOS
Swedish Malakoplaki
Czech malakoplakie
Finnish Malakoplakia
Spanish Malacoplasia, Malacoplaquia, malacoplaquia (anomalía morfológica), malacoplaquia (calificador), malacoplaquia, malacoplasia
Portuguese Malacoplasia, Malacoplaquia
Polish Malakoplakia
Japanese マラコプラキア, 軟斑性膀胱炎, 軟斑性膀胱カタル
Norwegian Malakoplaki
French Malacoplasie, Malakoplakie, Malakoplasie
German Malakoplakie
Italian Malacoplachia
Dutch Malacoplakie, Malakoplakia