II. Indications

III. Mechanism: Visualization of biliary tree (liver and gallbladder function)

  1. Hepatobiliary Iminodiacetic Acid (IDA) is normally taken up by the liver and excreted into the bile
  2. When tagged with Technetium-99, IDA can be visualized with a gamma camera

IV. Preparations: Technetium-99 Tracers

  1. HIDA Scan (Hydroxy-Iminodiacetic Acid)
    1. Replaced with other tracing agents (although scan still referred to as HIDA)
    2. Previously Serum Bilirubin determined the agent used (HIDA was used if Total Bilirubin <5-7 mg/dl)
  2. DISIDA Scan (Diisopropyl Iminodiacetic Acid)
  3. PIPIDA Scan (Paraisopropyl Iminodiacetic Acid)
  4. BrIDA Scan (bromo-2, 4,6-trimethylacetanilido Iminodiaceticacid)

V. Technique

  1. HIDA Scan (or DISIDA, PIPIDA or BrIDA Scan)
    1. Technetium-iminodiacetic acid analog injected IV (see preparations above)
    2. Technetium-iminodiacetic acid analog is absorbed and secreted into biliary tract by hepatocytes
  2. Cholecystokinin-HIDA Scan
    1. HIDA Scan is performed before and after Cholecystokinin (CCK) administration
    2. Cholecystokinin stimulates gallbladder contraction
    3. Assessment of gallbladder contractility and ejection fraction
    4. Symptoms reproduced with Cholecystokinin (CCK) injection are suggestive of Biliary Colic

VI. Interpretation

  1. Normal Billiary tract and Gallbladder
    1. Clear outline gallbladder and cystic duct in 2 hours
  2. Cystic duct obstruction
    1. Failure to outline Gallbladder within 2 hours

VII. Efficacy: Acute Cholecystitis

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Ontology: Technetium Tc 99m Disofenin (C0075932)

Definition (MSH) A radiopharmaceutical used extensively in cholescintigraphy for the evaluation of hepatobiliary diseases. (From Int Jrnl Rad Appl Inst 1992;43(9):1061-4)
Concepts Indicator, Reagent, or Diagnostic Aid (T130) , Organic Chemical (T109)
MSH D019785
SnomedCT 3040004
English 99m Tc Disofenin, 99m-Tc-Disofenin, 99mTc DISIDA, 99mTc Disofenin, 99mTc-DISIDA, 99mTc-Disofenin, Acid, Technetium-99m-Diisopropyliminodiacetic, Disofenin, Tc-99m, Tc 99m Disofenin, Tc-99m Disofenin, Technetium 99m Diisopropyliminodiacetic Acid, Technetium 99m Disofenin, Technetium Tc 99m Disofenin, Technetium-99m-Diisopropyliminodiacetic Acid, Technetium-99m-Disofenin, TECHNETIUM TC DISOFENIN 099M, TC DISIDA, Technetium Tc^99c^ disofenin, Technetium Tc<sup>99m</sup> disofenin, Technetium Tc^99c^ disofenin (substance), Technetium Tc^99m^ disofenin (substance), Technetium Tc99m disofenin (substance), Technetium Tc99m disofenin, Technetium Tc<sup>99c</sup> disofenin (substance), Technetium Tc<sup>99m</sup> disofenin (substance), Technetium Tc<sup>99c</sup> disofenin, Technetium Tc^99m^ disofenin, Technetium Tc99c disofenin (substance), Technetium Tc99c disofenin, Technetium Tc-99m Disofenin, Technetium Tc 99m Disofenin [Chemical/Ingredient], technetium (99mTc) disofenin, TECHNETIUM TC-99M DISOFENIN, TECHNETIUM Tc 99m DISOFENIN
Swedish Teknetium Tc 99m-disofenin
Czech technecium 99mTc-disofenin
Finnish Teknetium Tc 99m -disofeniini
German TECHNETIUM TC DISOFENIN 099M, Technetium-Tc-99m-Disofenin
Spanish disofenina con tecnecio Tc^99m^ (sustancia), disofenina con tecnecio Tc<sup>99m</sup>, disofenina con tecnecio Tc^99c^ (sustancia), disofenina con tecnecio Tc<sup>99c</sup> (sustancia), disofenina con tecnecio Tc^99m^, disofenina con tecnecio Tc99m, disofenina con tecnecio Tc^99c^, disofenina con tecnecio Tc99m (sustancia), disofenina con tecnecio Tc<sup>99m</sup> (sustancia), disofenina con tecnecio Tc99c, disofenina con tecnecio Tc<sup>99c</sup>, disofenina con tecnecio Tc99c (sustancia), Disofenina de Tecnecio Tc 99m
Polish Disfenin znakowany izotopem technetu 99m Tc, Disofenin-technet 99m
Japanese 99mTc-ジソフェニン, テクネチウム99mジソフェニン, Tc 99mジソフェニン, テクネチウムTc99mジソフェニン
French Technétium (99mTc) disofénine, Disofénine de technétium (99mTc)
Italian Tecnezio Tc 99m disofenina
Portuguese Disofenina Tecnécio Tc 99m

Ontology: Technetium Tc 99m Lidofenin (C0075958)

Definition (MSH) A nontoxic radiopharmaceutical that is used in the clinical evaluation of hepatobiliary disorders in humans. (J Nucl Med 1977;18(10):997-1004)
Concepts Inorganic Chemical (T197) , Indicator, Reagent, or Diagnostic Aid (T130)
MSH D019780
SnomedCT 7281000
English 99m Tc Lidofenin, 99m-Tc-Lidofenin, 99mTc HIDA, 99mTc Lidofenin, 99mTc-HIDA, 99mTc-Lidofenin, Lidofenin, Tc-99m, Tc 99m Lidofenin, Tc-99m Lidofenin, Technetium 99m Lidofenin, Technetium Tc 99m 2,6-Dimethyl Iminodiacetic Acid, Technetium Tc 99m Lidofenin, Technetium-99m-Lidofenin, TC HIDA, TC LIDOFENIN 099M, TECHNETIUM TC LIDOFENIN 099M, Technetium Tc99c lidofenin, Technetium Tc^99m^ lidofenin, Technetium Tc99m lidofenin, Technetium Tc<sup>99m</sup> lidofenin, Technetium Tc^99m^ lidofenin (substance), Technetium Tc^99c^ lidofenin, Technetium Tc^99c^ lidofenin (substance), Technetium Tc99c lidofenin (substance), Technetium Tc99m lidofenin (substance), Technetium Tc<sup>99m</sup> lidofenin (substance), Technetium Tc<sup>99c</sup> lidofenin, Technetium Tc<sup>99c</sup> lidofenin (substance), Technetium Tc 99m Lidofenin [Chemical/Ingredient], 99mtc-hida, Technetium Tc 99m 2,6 Dimethyl Iminodiacetic Acid, technetium (99mTc) lidofenin
Swedish Teknetium Tc 99m-lidofenin
Czech technecium 99mTc-lidofenin
Finnish Teknetium Tc 99m -lidofeniini
German TECHNETIUM LIDOFENIN 099M, TC LIDOFENIN 099M, 99mTc-Lidofenin, Technetium-99m-Lidofenin
Spanish lidofenina marcada con tecnecio Tc^99m^ (sustancia), lidofenina con tecnecio Tc<sup>99c</sup> (sustancia), lidofenina con tecnecio Tc^99c^, lidofenina marcada con tecnecio Tc<sup>99m</sup>, lidofenina con tecnecio Tc^99c^ (sustancia), lidofenina marcada con tecnecio Tc<sup>99m</sup> (sustancia), lidofenina marcada con tecnecio Tc99m, lidofenina con tecnecio Tc99c (sustancia), lidofenina con tecnecio Tc99c, lidofenina con tecnecio Tc<sup>99c</sup>, lidofenina marcada con tecnecio Tc99m (sustancia), lidofenina marcada con tecnecio Tc^99m^, 99mTc-Lidofenina, Lidofenina de Tecnecio Tc 99m
Polish Lidofenin-technet 99m, Lidofenin znakowany radioizotopem 99m technetu
Japanese テクネチウム99mリドフェニン, テクネチウムTc99mリドフェニン, 99mTc-リドフェニン, Tc 99mリドフェニン
French Lidofénine de technétium (99mTc), Technétium (99mTc) lidofénine
Italian Tecnezio Tc 99m lidofenina
Portuguese Lidofenina-99mTc, Lidofenina Tecnécio Tc 99m

Ontology: technetium Tc 99m mebrofenin (C0075962)

Definition (NCI) A radioconjugate composed of the iminodiacetic acid derivative mebrofenin bound to an isotope of the synthetic element technetium (Tc). Upon administration and rapid clearance from the circulation, technetium Tc 99m mebrofenin is secreted into the hepatobiliary system, emitting gamma rays that are detectable with planar scintigraphy or single photon emission computer tomography (SPECT). Mebrofenin has no pharmacological effect at the recommended dosage for diagnostic imagining.
Concepts Inorganic Chemical (T197) , Indicator, Reagent, or Diagnostic Aid (T130)
MSH C034837
SnomedCT 4832001
English Tc-99m-3-bromo-2,4,6-trimethyl-IDA, Tc-99m-3-bromo-2,4,6-trimethyliminodiacetic acid, Tc-99m-BTM-IDA, Tc-99m-N-(2,4,6-trimethylbromoacetanilide)iminodiacetate, Tc-99m-SQ 26,962, Tc-99m-trimethylbromo-IDA, Tc-TMB-IDA, technetium Tc 99m 3-bromo-2,4,6-trimethyliminodiacetic acid, technetium Tc 99m mebrofenin, technetium Tc 99m-trimethylbromo-IDA, Tc-99m-TBIDA, Tc-99m-trimethylbromoimino-diacetic acid, Tc-99m-trimethylbromoiminodiacetate, Tc-99m-Br-IDA, Tc-99m-BrIDA, Tc-99m-trimethyl-BrIDA, Tc 99m Mebrofenin, Tc 99m MEB, Technetium Tc99c mebrofenin, Technetium Tc<sup>99c</sup> mebrofenin, Technetium Tc99m mebrofenin, Technetium Tc<sup>99c</sup> mebrofenin (substance), Technetium Tc^99m^ mebrofenin (substance), Technetium Tc<sup>99m</sup> mebrofenin (substance), Technetium Tc<sup>99m</sup> mebrofenin, Technetium Tc^99c^ mebrofenin (substance), Technetium Tc99c mebrofenin (substance), Technetium Tc^99c^ mebrofenin, Technetium Tc^99m^ mebrofenin, Technetium Tc99m mebrofenin (substance), Tc-99m Mebrofenin, Technetium Tc-99m Mebrofenin, 99mTc mebrofenin, technetium (99mTc) mebrofenin, TECHNETIUM TC-99M MEBROFENIN
Spanish mebrofenina con tecnecio Tc<sup>99c</sup>, mebrofenina con tecnecio Tc<sup>99c</sup> (sustancia), mebrofenina marcada con tecnecio Tc<sup>99c</sup>, mebrofenina con tecnecio Tc^99c^ (sustancia), mebrofenina con tecnecio Tc99c (sustancia), mebrofenina con tecnecio Tc^99c^, mebrofenina con tecnecio Tc99c, mebrofenina marcada con tecnecio Tc99c (sustancia), mebrofenina marcada con tecnecio Tc<sup>99c</sup> (sustancia), mebrofenina marcada con tecnecio Tc^99c^, mebrofenina marcada con tecnecio Tc99c, mebrofenina marcada con tecnecio Tc^99c^ (sustancia)

Ontology: technetium Tc 99m PIPIDA (C0075979)

Concepts Indicator, Reagent, or Diagnostic Aid (T130) , Organic Chemical (T109)
MSH C003693
English Tc-99m-iprofenin, Tc-99m-paraisopropyl acetanilido IDA, Tc-99m-PIPIDA, technetium iprofenin, technetium p-isopropyl IDA, technetium p-isopropylacetanilidoiminodiacetic acid, technetium PIPIDA, technetium Tc 99m PIPIDA

Ontology: Radionuclide biliary patency study (C0203762)

Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060)
SnomedCT 28303002
Dutch cholescintigrafie, HIDA-scan
French Cholescintigraphie, Scintigraphie HIDA
German Choleszintigraphie, HIDA-Szintigraphie
Italian Colecistoscintigrafia, HIDA scan
Portuguese Colescintigrafia, Colescintigrafia hapatobiliar
Spanish Colescintigrafía, estudio de la permeabilidad biliar por radionúclidos, Gammagrafía hepatobiliar con HIDA, estudio de la permeabilidad biliar por radionúclidos (procedimiento), estudio de la permeabilidad biliar por radiosótopos (procedimiento), estudio de la permeabilidad biliar por radiosótopos
Japanese 胆道シンチグラフィ, タンドウシンチグラフィ, HIDAスキャン, HIDAスキャン
English HIDA scan (procedure), isotopic scans liver HIDA, cholescintigraphy, hida scans, hida scan, Radionuclide biliary patency study, HIDA scan, Radionuclide biliary patency study (procedure), Cholescintigraphy
Czech HIDA snímek, Cholescintigrafie
Hungarian HIDA vizsgálat, Cholescintigraphia

Ontology: Radionuclide hepatobiliary study with CCK (C0412403)

Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060)
SnomedCT 241345000
English RN hepatobiliary with CCK, Radionuclide hepatobiliary study with cholecystokinin (procedure), Radionuclide hepatobiliary study with CCK (procedure), Radionuclide hepatobiliary study with cholecystokinin, HIDA study with sincalide, Radionuclide hepatobiliary study with CCK
Spanish estudio hepatobiliar radioisotópico con colecistoquinina (procedimiento), estudio hepatobiliar radioisotópico con colecistoquinina