II. Interpretation: Normal

  1. Urine Calcium/24 hours
    1. Women: Urine Calcium 20 to 250 mg per 24 hours
    2. Men: Urine Calcium 25 to 300 mg per 24 hours
  2. Urine Calcium to Creatine ratio (24 hour collection)
    1. Adults: 0.01 to 0.22 mg Urine Calcium/mg Urine Creatinine

III. Interpretation: Increased

  1. Associated Hypercalcemia
    1. Primary Hyperparathyroidism
    2. Hypervitaminosis D
    3. Sarcoidosis
    4. Bone metastases
    5. Multiple Myeloma
    6. Corticosteroids
    7. Prolonged immobilization
    8. Paget's Disease
  2. No Associated Hypercalcemia
    1. Increased Calcium intake
    2. Idiopathic Hypercalciuria
    3. Renal tubule acidosis
    4. X-Linked Hypercalciuria (Dent's Disease)
  3. Hypocalcemia
    1. Calcium-sensing receptor activating mutation

IV. Interpretation: Decreased (<0.01 Urine Calcium to Creatinine Ratio or <20-25 mg Urine Calcium/24 hours)

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Ontology: Hypercalciuria (C0020438)

Definition (CSP) abnormally high calcium in the urine; may be due to hyperabsorption of calcium, with the formation of calcium oxalate or calcium phosphate renal stones.
Definition (MSH) Excretion of abnormally high level of CALCIUM in the URINE, greater than 4 mg/kg/day.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D053565
SnomedCT 154752005, 267505006, 280361000009108, 71938000
English HYPERCALCINURIA, Hypercalcinuria, Hypercalciuria, hypercalcinuria, hypercalcuria, hypercalcuria (diagnosis), hypercalciuria, Hypercalciuria [Disease/Finding], Elevated urine calcium, Calcium level in urine elevated, Disorder characterized by hypercalciuria, Calcium concentration in urine above normal, Calcium concentration in urine above normal (finding), Hypercalcuria, Hypercalciuria (disorder)
Italian Ipercalcinuria, Ipercalciuria
French Hypercalcinurie, Hypercalciurie, HYPERCALCIURIE
Spanish Hipercalcinuria, Hipercalciuria, HIPERCALCIURIA, hipercalciuria (trastorno), hipercalciuria
Portuguese Hipercalciúria, HIPERCALCIURIA
German Hyperkalzurie, Hyperkalziurie, HYPERKALZURIE
Japanese 高カルシウム尿症, コウカルシウムニョウショウ
Swedish Hyperkalciuri
Finnish Hyperkalsiuria
Czech hyperkalciurie, Hyperkalciurie
Polish Hiperkalciuria
Hungarian hypercalcinuria, Hypercalcinuria
Norwegian Hyperkalsiuri, Økt kalsiumutskilling i urinen
Dutch hypercalciurie

Ontology: Hypocalciuria (C0020599)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 86353007
Italian Ipocalciuria
Japanese 低カルシウム尿症, テイカルシウムニョウショウ
Czech Hypokalciurie
English hypocalciuria, Hypocalciuria, Hypocalciuria (disorder)
Hungarian hypocalciuria
Spanish hipocalciuria (trastorno), hipocalciuria, Hipocalciuria
Portuguese Hipocalciuria
Dutch hypocalciurie
French Hypocalciurie
German Hypokalziurie

Ontology: Calcium measurement, urine (C0428303)

Definition (NCI) A quantitative measurement of the total amount of calcium present in a sample of urine.
Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
SnomedCT 167469002, 144694008, 73668004
CPT 82340
Japanese 尿中カルシウム, ニョウチュウカルシウム
English Urine Calcium Measurement, urine calcium measurement (lab test), urine calcium measurement, urine calcium, calcium level urine, calcium urine test, urine test calcium, calcium levels urine, calcium tested urine, calcium test urine, calcium urine, calcium tests urine, calcium testing urine, Calcium - urine, Urine calcium (& level) (procedure), Urine calcium (& level), Urine Calcium Test, Calcium measurement, urine, Urine calcium, Urine calcium level, Calcium measurement, urine (procedure)
Czech Kalcium v moči
Italian Calcio urinario
Hungarian Vizelet kalcium
Spanish medición de calcio en orina (procedimiento), medición de calcio en orina, Calcio en orina
Portuguese Cálcio na urina
Dutch urine calcium
French Calcium dans l'urine
German Kalzium im Urin

Ontology: Calcium urine (24 hour sample) (C0920095)

Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
Dutch calcium urine (24-uurmonster)
German Kalzium im 24-Stunden-Urin
Portuguese Cálcio na urina (amostra de 24 horas)
Spanish Calcio en orina (muestra de 24 horas)
Japanese 尿中カルシウム(24時間採尿), ニョウチュウカルシウム24ジカンサイニョウ
French Calcium dans l'urine (échantillon sur 24 heures)
Czech Kalcium v moči (24 hodinový sběr)
Italian Calcio urinario (campione di 24 ore)
Hungarian Kalcium vizeletszint (24 órás minta)
English Calcium urine (24 hour sample)

Ontology: Urine calcium / creatinine ratio measurement (C1142058)

Concepts Laboratory or Test Result (T034)
SnomedCT 413011003
Italian Rapporto calcio/creatinina nelle urine
Japanese 尿中カルシウム/クレアチニン比, ニョウチュウカルシウムクレアチニンヒ
English urine calcium/creatinine ratio, urine calcium/creatinine ratio (lab test), urine calcium creatinine ratio, calcium creatinine ratio urine, Urine calcium/creatinine ratio, Urine calcium / creatinine ratio measurement (procedure), Urine calcium / creatinine ratio measurement
Czech Poměr kalcium/kreatinin v moči
Hungarian Vizelet kalcium / kreatinin arány
Portuguese Relação cálcio/creatinina na urina
Spanish Fracción cacio/creatinina en orina, medición de la relación calcio/creatinina en orina (procedimiento), medición de la relación calcio/creatinina en orina
Dutch urine calcium/creatinine ratio
French Ratio calcium/créatinine urinaire
German Kalzium/Creatinin Quotient im Urin