II. General

  1. "Not all crying is hunger"
    1. Infants who stop crying when picked up or held
      1. Do not usually need food, only need to be held
    2. Inconsolable Infant despite being held
      1. Needs evaluation for other causes
      2. See Inconsolable Crying in Infants
  2. Infant cries are distinguishable
    1. By 3 days, a mother can tell her own babies' cry
    2. By 3 weeks, mothers distinguish the 6 types of cries

III. Precautions

  1. Fussy, Crying Infant presenting to the emergency department is a potential red flag and requires thorough history and examination
  2. Causes may be as benign as colic and as serious as Sepsis, Meningitis or Intussusception

IV. Signs

  1. See Inconsolable Crying in Infants
  2. Painful cry
    1. Piercing, painful sounding cry
  3. Hunger cry
    1. Demanding, urgent cry
    2. Not receiving enough milk at each feeding
  4. Colic cry
    1. See Infant Colic
  5. Boredom cry
    1. Bored, hollow cry
  6. Discomfort cry
    1. Too much or uncomfortable clothing
    2. Wet or Soiled clothing
    3. Swallowed air (gas)
    4. Environment too hot or too cold
    5. Illness
  7. Fussy
    1. Rhythmic, but not urgent cry
    2. Associated with some thrashing moves
    3. May regularly occur at the end of the day
    4. Letting off steam after a busy day

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